27 May 2024

“Sparkling in the center and on the side” Lingard, a successful K-League first full-time…There’s only one more time left to play the flute

By pestfood.com

The moment when “The Fifer” Jesse Lingard (Seoul) takes out the flute from his pocket seems to be approaching. Lingard played full-time for the first time in 90 minutes since entering the K-League this year in the 14th round of “Hana Bank K-League 1 2024” against Pohang Steelyard on the 25th. It has been six days since his first start in the 13th round home game against Daegu on the 19th. Lingard, who entered the K-League this year with great interest and has been active as a substitute for a short time, such as 14 minutes against Gwangju, 60 minutes against Incheon, and 33 minutes against Jeju, and was absent for a month in April due to knee procedures, has returned from his injury and started the last two consecutive games, finally becoming the centerpiece of the team.

Lingard played as a central attacking midfielder in a triangle formation with captains Ki Sung-yueng and Lee Seung-mo in an away match to Pohang, where he assembled attacks, and played a good role as a link between midfielders and attacks. He successfully completed 15 passes in attack zones by making 21 attempts, the second highest in his team following right-back Choi Jun. The total number of passes in 50 cities and provinces amounted to 43 successes, with 86 percent of the success rate. He tied for first in his team with Han Seung-gyu and Choi Jun, who played as wingers on the day, with two key passes. He successively caught Pohang’s defense off guard with clever movement and efficient linkage. Soccer fans praised Lingard’s brilliant move, saying, “As expected, it’s EPL class.”

With Lee Tae-seok’s own goal in the fourth minute of the first half and Ilytsenko’s equalizer in the 41st minute of the second half, Lingard moved to the right wing position with the input of striker Dongjin Park and striker midfielder Palosevic in the 28th minute of the second half, when the score was 1-1 draw. Changing his position was not a big problem for Lingard, who exchanged wing and shadow strikers on the side during his time at Manchester United. He also attempted a bold dribble in front of the sideline between the two opposing players. Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong expected after the match against Daegu, “If Lingard gets better, I think he will be able to move into the opponent’s space and provide more options for the team.” Lingard, whose performance plummeted in the second half of the match against Daegu, washed away concerns over his physical condition, including sprinting in the second half. “It was better than the last match. I liked how he accelerated momentarily,” Kim said, expressing delight. Seoul allowed an additional goal in the 39th minute of the second half, but the clinical union scored an equalizer three minutes later, tying the game 2-2.

Lingard said at a press conference to join Seoul in February, “The 10th position (central attacking midfielder, shadow striker) where he has played a lot since he was young is comfortable,” but added, “He can also play central midfielders and strikers.” Coach Kim seems to regard Lingard as a central attacking midfielder who will shake his opponent under the striker, but if Lingard is on the field, he can change tactics as much as he wants during the game. If Cho Young-wook, who is injured, returns, he will be able to wield more diverse types of “sword.” 토토사이트

After his first start and first full-time appearance, Lingard vigorously moves toward his first offensive point and first goal. Compared to the beginning of the season, he seems to have adapted to the K-League’s tempo to some extent, experts say it is only a matter of time before he gets a chance to score. When Lingard, who performed a ceremony to score, play the flute, or make “JL” with his fingers while playing in the Premier League, scores his debut goal, and it is certain that he will receive explosive reactions. “I am in 90 percent physical condition,” Lingard said after the match against Pohang, stressing that he will aim for the goal. He will compete in the 15th round against Gimcheon that will be held at Gimcheon Sports Complex on Friday.