26 May 2024

Mugosa angry at “refusing to shake hands”… “If you’re a director, you have to teach him respect regardless of whether you win or lose.”

By pestfood.com

Mugosa took a swipe at director Lee Jung-hyo.

Incheon United tied Gwangju FC 1-1 in the 14th round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” to be held at Incheon Football Stadium at 7 p.m. on Saturday. With the draw on the day, Incheon remained sixth in the league, continuing its undefeated record of two matches.

It was a one-sided flow from Gwangju. The number of shots was the same 11-11, but the effective shot was more than doubled to 3-7, and the team also displayed many threatening opportunities. Gwangju, which continued to tap Incheon’s goalpost, took the lead in the second minute of the second half when Choi Kyung-rok headed a cross that Um Ji-sung from the left side.

However, he missed three points due to a single mistake. In the extra time of the second half, Victor Viktor committed a handball foul inside the penalty box and the penalty kick (PK) was declared after VAR check. Mugosa, who played as kicker, lightly scored and finished the game 1-1.

After the game, some friction occurred between the Incheon and Gwangju squads. While greeting Gwangju players, Mugosa suddenly began to argue with the opponent, and the incident was put to an end as club officials and judges stopped him urgently.

“After the match, I asked the opposing players to shake hands with me as a token of respect,” Mugosa said at the mixed zone. However, although I don’t remember exactly which player he was, one player avoided my handshake. So when I asked the opposing player, “Why don’t you respect me?” he explained the situation at the time.

“I didn’t talk deeply about it. However, one thing I want to say is that a coach should teach his players how to respect regardless of whether he wins or loses,” he said.

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  • He tied for first in scoring today.

It’s so nice to be in the same direction with the team. Thank you to the team members who are trying to give me the opportunity and help. I’m also doing my best for the team’s good ranking. I’ll continue the challenge in a good flow.

Are you aiming to be the top scorer?

Of course. I know my level. But I’m not thirsty for that. If you focus on each game, you will get good results. I will do my best to advance to the Asian Champions League, ranking at least sixth this season, as I did last season.

Q: You scored a minor penalty in a mixed situation. What was the situation then?

There was nothing special. I feel good every time I kick a penalty. It was 95 minutes and it was hard, but I was confident. I tried to concentrate as much as I could in 50-50 situations.

  • The cheering seats are closed?

It was sad to play without fans. The fans are the 12th strong players. It was a goal for them. I want to play in front of the fans after the punishment is over soon. 먹튀검증

Q: You had some friction with your opponent after the game?

After the game, I asked the opposing players to shake hands as a token of respect. However, although I don’t remember exactly which player he was, one player avoided my handshake. So, when I asked the opponent team, ‘Why don’t you respect me?’ The opposing coach told me something. I didn’t talk about it deeply. However, one thing I want to say is, ‘A coach should teach players how to respect regardless of winning or losing.’

  • Was director Lee Jung-hyo’s words a positive meaning?

No, I’ll stop here.

Q: There were many issues related to your fans. What do you want to say to them?

It’s not a big issue where I live, but it’s shocking in Korea. We have to go together. We have to work together to improve our (fan) image. As I said earlier, I want to play with them as soon as the disciplinary action is over.