25 May 2024

He walked a leadoff man in the bottom of the ninth inning…The first no-hitter of the 123 ball season, the Yomiuri ace humiliated the enemy Hanshin for the first time in 88 years

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In the bottom of the ninth inning, when his team was losing 0-1. Seiya Kinami, the eighth hitter, drew a walk and got on base. He endured a fork ball at 137 kilometers per hour in the eighth pitch, which fell from a full count to a low course in the middle of the strike zone. Ryohei Obata, who entered as a pinch hitter at the ninth inning-pitcher Masumi Hamachi, succeeded in a bunt to send. For the first time, a runner was given the go-ahead to the top lineup. A pitching coach visited the mound and the game proceeded. Then, Koji Chikamoto hit a fork ball. First baseman hit a straight hit. Second hitter Takumu Nakano took the batter’s box with two outs and a runner on the second base. He struck out swinging at a ball that was falling towards the lower outside from 1B2S. Again, it was a fork ball.

Yomiuri Giants right-hander Shosei Dogo humiliated the Hanshin Tigers. At an away game held at Hanshin’s home stadium in Koshien on Sunday, he had no hit and no run. He pitched 123 pitches through the ninth inning, allowing only one walk. He had no hit, five strikeouts and no run.

Hanshin suffered a no-hitter for the first time in 59 years at Koshien.

It was the 101st no-hitter in the Japanese pro baseball league. Yoshinobu Yamamoto of the Orix Buffaloes (currently the Los Angeles Dodgers) recorded his 100th career no-hitter and second career no-hitter against the Chiba Lotte Marines on Sept. 9 last year. Dogo was listed as the 89th no-hitter.

No-hitter leading to a 1-0 victory. It has been 20 years since Kei Igawa of the Hanshin Tigers recorded it against Hiroshima Carp on October 4, 2004.

Yokohama BayStars left-hander Shota Imana (currently the Chicago Cubs), who had a no-hitter in 2022, and Yamamoto, who achieved two consecutive years between 2022-2023, are moving to the Major League this season and making a fierce commitment.

He even called out the legend Eiji Sawamura.

It is the first time in 87 years that a Yomiuri Giants pitcher had a no-hitter against Hanshin Tigers since Sawamura on May 1, 1937. The no-hitter in Koshien’s away game came out in 88 years since Sawamura on Sept. 25, 1936, a year ago. This was when the team was playing in the 1st league, when it was in its early days as a pro baseball player. The Japanese pro baseball was re-launched in 1950 under the Central and Pacific leagues.

On this day, Dogo sent out three batters including a walk. After two outs in the third inning, the runner went out due to his bad pitch error. In the fifth inning, the leadoff hitter got on base due to an error in catching the first baseman. Both the third and fifth innings ended the inning without a hit.

After one out in the fifth inning, the Yomiuri lineup burst. No. 7 Okoe Louis hit a left-handed hit and stole second base. The following one out and second base

In , No. 8 Mizuguchi Utah hit a timely hit to the left. The score selected at this time became the winning point.

Togo said he was conscious of no-hitter after the sixth inning. “I was nervous, but I feel the best after getting out. I thought I had nine out counts to go after the sixth inning, and after the eighth inning, I thought if I could really do it,” he said.

For the Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin`s archrival, and Koshien’s away matches will inevitably be burdensome. Following last season, the team struggled in away matches again this year. It lost three games to 10 last year, and this year it had one draw and two losses in the previous three games. Last year, Hanshin lifted the Japan Series trophy for the first time in 38 years, while the Yomiuri Giants ranked fourth to sixth in the B-Class series for the second consecutive year.

He had a bad performance in recent months. He had one draw and four losses in five games. He lost three consecutive away games against Hiroshima last week. He briefly ranked first in the Central League but declined to third. As of Tuesday, Hanshin is ranking first, two games ahead of Yomiuri. 먹튀검증

Dogo, who joined the team as the sixth designated rookie in 2019, has been a starting pitcher since 2020. He has achieved 12 wins for two consecutive years between 2022 and 2023, making a leap to become an ace. He became the first player with 12 strikeouts in 2022. He contributed to the championship by playing for Japan in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) in March last year. He pitched in four complete games last season and posted two shutouts.