24 May 2024

Excavation + Rotation’ Jeonnam Lee Jang-gwanho’s great reversal → K2 promotion is also shaken, home attendance also increased by 80%

By pestfood.com

Lee’s furnace soccer is getting started in earnest. After a transition period last season, Lee showed rollercoaster performance early this season, but is now on the rise with no loss in four consecutive games (three wins and one draw) due to overcrowded schedules.

South Jeolla Province, which had only one win (two draws and two losses) in April, fell to the bottom of the standings, successfully turned around in May. It is in line with Lee’s decision to engage in a wise rotation by compromising with the reality given the poor squad.

Starting with the 4-3 victory over Bucheon FC on the 12th, it won three consecutive games until the match against Seoul E-Land (2-1 win) on the 18th, and had a 1-1 draw at home against Cheongju FC in North Chungcheong Province on the 21st, with no loss in the last four games. In the meantime, he showed off his firepower by scoring nine goals.

In all three of the four games, replacement resources created attack points. Hanam and Kim Jong-min, who entered as substitutes against Bucheon and Seoul E-Land, contributed to winning points with equalizer, respectively. In the match against Cheongju, Japanese midfielder Yuhei, who entered as a substitute in the second half, scored a penalty kick and did his part.

Lee, who once elevated Yongin University to the top in college football, has been recognized as a fast-paced offensive football by placing a large number in the offensive zone. Having taken the helm of Jeonnam who wanted to see such color, Lee is making compromises for survival in the ecosystem of his professional league. Even if he fails to play the soccer he fully desires, he is constantly running his team in accordance with club circumstances and the K-League 2 style.

The core is the rotation. Discovering is at the center of the rotation. For example, he recruited striker Kim Jong-min, who scored only one goal at Cheonan City FC last season, and made him become one of the best Korean goaltender in the K-League 2. He is enjoying the best season in his professional career by scoring six goals and two assists while playing 10 games so far.

Kim Jong-min said, “The coach took good care of me as I saw him actively fight and fight in front of me. It’s amazing that I’ve never encountered such a situation before (in my professional career). I’m grateful when I play,” adding, “My top priority is to be promoted to the first division league from Jeonnam.”

There are already many injured in the center back line. In the match against Cheongju, Shin Il-soo, who plays as a substitute, was injured and a red flag was turned on. Nevertheless, coach Lee is responding with ever-changing tactics.

With the K-League 2 going around once this season, South Jeolla Province is going through a transitional period to rank second (21 points) in the league. 스포츠토토 It is worth dreaming of being promoted to the first division. Not only local residents of Gwangyang but also officials from all walks of life welcome Lee’s ever-changing soccer. South Jeolla Province communicates through various social contribution activities and agreements with regional organizations. Naturally, the average number of home spectators has reached 3,743, up 80 percent from the average of last season (2073).

Manager Lee said, “We are really trying to catch all the results that fans want, including aggressive soccer that the club wants. The K League 2 is so fierce looking at promotion, and we will continue to play the soccer that Jeonnam aims for and produce results.”