5 May 2024

“Ko Woo-seok, it was an elite finish in Korea, but…” Shock trade is an opportunity to go to ML, and Miami immediately judges the power

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He will transfer to a trade before his Major League debut game. This is the story of Korean right-handed pitcher Ko Woo-suk (26).

Baseball America, a U.S. baseball media outlet, reported on the 4th (Korea Standard Time) that the San Diego Padres and Miami Marlins agreed to a 4-1 trade, mentioning the players who changed their uniforms with the trade. San Diego decided to give up three promising players, Dylan Head, Jacob Masi and Nathan Matorella, along with Ko Woo-suk to recruit Luis Arraez, the second baseman who won the National League’s batting title last year.

Attention is focusing on whether Ko, who only played in Minor League Double-A this year, will be able to achieve his dream of making his Major League debut through the trade. Ko, who served as the closing pitcher for the LG Twins until last year, has attempted to advance to the Major League with the consent of his club. After signing a two-plus-one-year contract with San Diego through the posting system, Ko had high expectations that he would join the big league roster, but failed to make it to the opening roster as he showed unstable pitching by taking the mound at the bottom of the ninth inning with one loss and a 12.46 ERA in exhibition games and hitting two-run homeruns against his former team LG in the Seoul Series Special Match.

In Double A, Ko Woo-seok, who played in 10 games, recorded 2 losses, 1 save and an ERA of 4.38, and showed that he is gradually finding stability by posting a scoreless streak in the last four consecutive games.

“Ko Woo-suk was an elite closer in Korea, but he is still in the U.S. at the time of the trade,” Baseball America said. “At the time of the trade, Ko was pitching for San Antonio Mission, a double-A team under San Diego. He signed a two-year, $4.5 million contract with San Diego last offseason, but he went down to the minor leagues as he allowed nine runs after receiving 11 hits in five innings in an exhibition game,” he explained about Ko’s move after joining San Diego.

In fact, Ko was one of the closing pitchers representing the KBO league. After joining LG in 2017 as the first pick, Ko took the mound in 65 games in 2019 with 8 wins, 2 losses, 35 saves and a 1.52 ERA in one hold. With a 1.17 ERA in 63 games in 2021, Ko Woo-suk was a great finisher in 61 games in 2022, with 4 wins, 2 losses, 42 saves and a 1.48 ERA. Last year, he had to be satisfied with a 3-8 record with 15 saves and a 3.68 ERA in 44 games due to the aftermath of his injury. His overall KBO league performance was 19-26 with 139 saves and six holds with a 3.18 ERA in 354 games.

“Baseball America” continued, “Ko Woo-seok has two losses and a 4.38 ERA in Double A, with a strikeout ratio of 28% and a walk allowance of 7%. He has a curve above average and a cutter below average,” he said, predicting, “Ko Woo-seok is expected to be used as a relief pitcher who takes the mound in situations of low importance.” In other words, even if it is a call-up to the Major League, it is expected that he will play a less important role than a relief pitcher who takes the mound in important situations such as a closer or a setup man.

Arraez is in the spotlight the most in this trade. Making his Major League debut with the Minnesota Twins in 2019, Arraez hit 173 hits in 144 games in 2022, hitting .316 with a .375 on-base percentage, .420 with a .795 slugging percentage and .420 with eight homers and 49 RBIs in the American League. It was Arraez who stopped Aaron Judge, who won the American League MVP at the time, from becoming the batting champion. Arraez was also honored as his first All-Star and first Silver Slugger.

When Minnesota traded with Miami in January last year, Arraez had to change his uniform. Minnesota used three players _ Arraez, Byron Churio, and Jose Salas _ as trading cards to acquire right-handed pitcher Pablo Lopez. Arraez played in 147 games last year, hitting a career-high 203 hits, recording a batting average of .354, on-base percentage of .469, and 10 homers and 69 RBIs with an OPS. Arraez became the top batter in the National League history as the two most hitters in the league.

“Baseball America” said of Arraez, “Araez is a two-time batting champion and one of the best pure heaters in baseball. This year, he is batting .299 and marking a career batting average of .324,” he said. “Araez’s aggressive value is closely related to his batting average. His career high is 10, but if he can hit .315 or more every year, that doesn’t matter,” he said of Arraez’s value.

“While Arraez dominated the position of second baseman when he was in Miami, Xander Bogaerts is expected to play more games as a designated hitter or first baseman for the San Diego Padres. As a second baseman, Xander Bogaerts is less capable than average in defense, he will help reduce pressure on defense in the future,” said another report by Baseball America. The San Diego Padres changed positions of Kim Ha-sung and Bogaerts ahead of this season. With Kim Ha-sung as its main shortstop, the San Diego Padres is using Bogaerts as its second baseman. 메이저사이트

The San Diego and Miami teams officially announced the trade on Wednesday. Ko will start anew at Triple-A. The Miami Marlins sent Ko to the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, their Triple-A team.