4 May 2024

‘White Inwoo 4 goals’ Yongin City Football Center wins 4 consecutive league games against Uijeongbu UTD

By pestfood.com

Gyeonggi Yongin City Football Center U18 Deok-young defeated the Gyeonggi government UTD U18 (hereinafter Uijeongbu UTD) and won four consecutive games since the opening.
In the fourth round of the H-Respect 5 area of the 2024 National High Football League held at Yongin Yangji Sports Park on Thursday, the Yongin City Football Center won a complete 15-0 victory over Uijeongbu UTD as several players including four goals scored by Baek In-woo, the “U-17 World Cup representative” last year. As a result, the Yongin City Football Center, which has won all four matches since the opening of the season, has solidified its No. 1 ranking in its region.

The Yongin City Football Center is the winner of the H-Respect 3rd Division in last year’s U-20 World Cup. Notably, it has produced Lee Seung-won (Gangwon FC), Park Seung-ho (Incheon United), and Baek In-woo, who represented the U-17 World Cup, and is emerging as a new “promising star training center.” Coach Lee Young-jin, who had led the team until last year, has left for Changwon FC (K3), and Seo Young-seok is taking the helm anew to form the team.

“Compared to when we first joined the team, the players are much better at understanding tactics,” said Seo Young-seok, head coach of the Yongin City Football Center. “We want to play soccer where strikers can defend and defenders can attack as well,” he said. “We performed well in the early days of this season, but we emphasized concentration so that young players don’t get caught up in the current trend.”

Against this backdrop, Uijeongbu UD U18 is a high school club affiliated with Uijeongbu UD U15, which was established three years earlier as its first season in the league since it was founded in July last year. Most of the team’s main players are from U15 teams, and Wang Jeong-min, who previously served as U15 team, was appointed as the team’s first coach. However, it is having a rough first year after losing all of its previous games.

“The opponent team is the strongest team in the region. Winning is important, but I hope our players learn a lot about the difference by confronting the opponents in this match,” U18 coach Wang Jung-min said. “We have few seniors in the team and we are a new team, so we have many shortcomings, but we will do our best.”

Yongin City Football Center pushed hard from the beginning of the game. In particular, he scored the first goal in the early hours of the game after making active use of the overlapping play of left-sided defender Kim Bo-seop. In the 10th minute of the first half, Kim Bo-seop posted a sharp cross from the left side, and the ball that the opponent team’s defense cleared was connected to Baek In-woo, who was behind. Baek In-woo connected it with a powerful shot without delay to score a delightful first goal.

Since then, Yongin City Football Center has had a goal feast. After receiving a pass from Kim Jae-young in the 14th minute, Shin Seung-kwan scored an additional goal calmly at the gate, and five minutes later, Baek In-woo scored a witty shot to set up a three-goal lead with two opposing defenders in front of him in the penalty area. In the 22nd minute, Kim scored the fourth goal with a powerful left foot shot.

Shin Jung-gun’s multi-goal burst to lead Yongin Football Center 6-0, and Baek In-woo’s shot in the dense area deflected into the opponent’s defense in the 26th minute of the first half, marking a hat-trick, and Shin Jung-gun and Baek In-woo added another goal to finish the first half 9-0. 안전놀이터

Starting with Kim In-woo’s goal as a substitute in the second half, the goal firecracker at Yongin Football Center did not stop. Kim In-woo, who caught the ball outside the penalty area in the fifth minute of the second half, aimed at the goal himself when the angle was relatively insufficient, which was sucked into the top through the opponent’s goalkeeper. Kim Jae-young also added a goal, including multiple goals by Lee Joon-hyuk and Shin Seung-kwan, and the game ended with a 15-0 victory for Yongin Football Center.