26 April 2024

You had a lot of leeway as a director…Master of ‘Asian Shame’ → I can’t see you at the Paris Olympics

By pestfood.com

South Korea’s under-23 (U-23) national soccer team won the 2024 Western Asian Football Federation (WAFF) tournament, which ended in Saudi Arabia last month.

However, Hwang was not present at the award ceremony. After Jurgen Klinsmann’s dismissal, Hwang accepted the Korea Football Association’s request and was away from the U-23 national team for the second Asian qualifying match against Thailand for the 2026 FIFA North-Central America World Cup.

As it is a Western Asian Football Confederation tournament, the host country Saudi Arabia and other Western Asian countries will participate, but Korea participated in the tournament as an invited team along with Australia. There was no reason to reject the offer as it could be a mock test in preparation for the Asian Football Confederation U-23 Asian Cup, which will also be the Asian qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

However, as head coach Hwang Sun-hong took over as the interim head coach of the A team, he participated in the competition under the acting head coach Myung Jae-yong.

After the draw at the U-23 Asian Cup, Hwang expressed his difficulties, saying that he could only hold two convocation training sessions. So the Western Asian Football Confederation (WAFF) was a good opportunity for the national team to boost its teamwork, but Hwang was not there.

Bae Joon-ho (Stock City), Kim Ji-soo (Brentford), and Yang Hyun-joon (Celtic FC) were the main players who put Korea at the top of the competition. Bae Joon-ho left the team at the request of his team ahead of the final, but Kim Ji-soo and Yang Hyun-joon started in the final and took the lead in defeating Australia.

However, the U-23 Asian Cup team that actually set sail to qualify for the Olympics did not include all major players from overseas leagues. As the European soccer team was in the middle of a league schedule, cooperation to recruit players from overseas leagues was not accepted. Bae Joon-ho is considered a key player in his team, while Kim Ji-soo and Yang Hyun-jun also needed players from their teams as backup or rotation members. Only two players from overseas who joined the upcoming competition were Kim Min-woo (Dusseldorf) and Jung Sang-bin (Minnesota United). It was reported day after day that the team picked substitute players. Ironically, the team has only three professional central defenders as a result of the injury that has been added to the list. More than anything else, it was fatal that Cho Wi-je (Bucheon FC), the third defender, was out due to injury. Hwang had no choice but to invest time in the A team to decide whether to form the national team.

Concerns have become a reality. The “infinite cross” tactic lacked substance, and defense depth ended up giving up work. Professional center back Signing Officer was sidelined due to injury in the second group match, while his partner Byun Joon-soo played as a three-back without a professional defender in the third group match against Japan due to accumulated disciplinary actions against him. He displayed robust performance to beat Japan 1-0, but his performance was questionable.

Hwang’s hamstring injury did not improve and Hwang again brought up a three-back in the quarterfinal match against Indonesia on Wednesday. With Byun Jun-su at right-back, the left-back Cho Hyun-taek was assigned to the left-hand central defender, and midfielder Lee Kang-hee was assigned to the fore Libero.

The poorly organized three-back was inevitably awkward in the game. In the end, the defense was shaken and allowed two goals to Raphael Strawick in the first half alone. 메이저놀이터 The first run was revealed to have failed to select the location of the defense, and the second run was caused by the defense’s poor teamwork.

After being outnumbered by Lee Young-joon’s departure, Korea extended the match thanks to Jeong’s dramatic 2-2 equalizer in the 39th minute of the second half, and even headed for the shootout without losing a point in the extra time. However, the team concluded its journey to the Olympics and the Paris Olympics by kneeling 10-11 in the shootout.