26 April 2024

“Two Dangerous Houses” Hwang Sun-hong failed to go to the Olympics…It is a disaster that was foreseen

By pestfood.com

The Korean U23 national team led by Hwang Sun-hong failed to advance to the 2024 Paris Olympics. It lost its chance to advance to the finals for the 10th consecutive Olympics. In the quarterfinals at the 2024 Asian Football Confederation U23 Qatar Asian Cup, which was also the final qualifying match for the 2024 Paris Olympics, he bowed his head as he was caught by Indonesia led by coach Shin Tae-yong.

Korea faced a number of negative developments in the preparation for this year’s event. In particular, Hwang Sun-hong’s inclusion at the helm of the A-team raised concerns as he vacated the Olympic team’s leadership. After failing to win the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup, he replaced Jurgen Klinsmann, who was urgently deployed to revive the A-team in crisis. The A-team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, had one win and one draw in the two second qualifying matches for the 2026 FIFA Asian region against Thailand, which was a half success.

Despite saving the national team, Hwang was not able to afford to make the Olympic team as he was struggling. He returned to the national team after completing his A-team schedule, but major players from European leagues lost their capacity and faced another obstacle. Kim Ji-soo, a defender from Brentford in the English Premier League, Bae Joon-ho of Stoke City in the English Championship, and Yang Hyun-joon of Celtic in the Stottish Premier League could not join the national team due to his team’s objection to being called out. In other words, Hwang was forced to play the upcoming event without his car and gun.

Hwang Sun-hong won all three games in the group stage. He also won the match between Korea and Japan and took the lead in Group B. He advanced to the tournament without allowing a single goal, but his concern remained. This is because the performance in the group stage was not very good. He built a solid defense network and went on a scoreless streak, but his attack structure and destructive power were poor. And in the end, a major accident occurred in the quarterfinals. He lost to Indonesia, which he considered a step down, after a penalty shootout, and swallowed the anger.

The match against Indonesia is a match that demonstrates how important teamwork is in a game. Korea, which is ahead in individual performance, struggled as it was pushed back from the beginning by Indonesia, where everyone was playing together and under pressure. Players who were active in the A team were shaken by Indonesia’s systematic play, and they retreated. Despite unfavorable circumstances such as sending the team off, he displayed his fighting spirit to tie the match 2 to 2, and even dragged the penalty shootout, but failed to advance to the semifinals. He suffered a defeat by falling behind completely in terms of overall teamwork of the team.  메이저놀이터

This disaster was foreseen. The Korea Football Association’s complacent response contributed to the team’s failure to advance to the Olympics. Consequently, proposing an interim coach for the A team to Hwang Sun-hong, who had a very important schedule ahead of him, was a huge adventure. In other words, the risky “two houses” contributed to the Doha disaster.