25 April 2024

“Hong Myung-bo’s Hidden Card” Boyanichi shined despite the frustration of the ACL final after joining Ulsan

By pestfood.com

Boyanichi, who had not seen light in Ulsan HD, played as a hidden card of coach Hong Myung-bo in the match against Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan), and played the best game of his life.

Ulsan lost to Yokohama in the second leg of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) semifinal match against Yokohama at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan, on the 24th after a close penalty shootout.

Ulsan, which could have reached the final by winning the first match 1-0 at home and tying the match, was dragged away by conceding three goals in the first half alone. After that, it recovered two goals to make the score 3-3 in the first and second matches, but luckily enough, it hit the post three times. In the end, Kim Min-woo, the last kicker, made a mistake in the penalty shootout, and unfortunately packed at the finish line.

It was regrettable to concede three runs, but his ability to keep up with two goals was worthy of applause. And behind Ulsan’s ability to score two goals was substitute Boyanich.

Bojanić started on the bench on the day, but replaced Lee in the 34th minute of the first half. Ulsan gave up its midfield to Yokohama from the beginning of the first half and allowed several opportunities. In the end, the team was on the verge of elimination as it allowed three runs in the early hours.

Coach Hong Myung-bo tried to win from the early hours by excluding Lee Gyu-seong, who had shown poor performance, and deploying Boyanich. Hong’s number was on target. Immediately after Boyanich was deployed, Mateus kicked Lee Dong-kyung’s kick with his head in a corner kick situation.

Afterwards, Boyanich performed on the stage. He connected to Um Won-sang with an accurate penetration pass in the 39th minute of the first half. Um Won-sang drew a penalty kick along with Takumi Kamijima’s handball foul while breaking through the box. Kamijama was even sent off for an intentional handball. 고수익알바

Boyanich himself stepped up as a kicker. He tricked the goalkeeper perfectly and lightly pushed him into the bottom right corner. He made a 3-3 aggregate score, setting the stage for the chase.

Early in the second half, he scored a go-ahead goal again. Although Rubik’s offside foul did not allow the goal, he cut Yokohama’s net with a cool mid-range shot from his penetrating pass to Seol Young-woo. Immediately after the goal, about 200 Ulsan fans rushed to the seats of away supporters, opened their arms wide and cheered with fans.