25 April 2024

‘Final Hit’ Kim Ha-sung hits multi-hit for two days in a row. San Diego wins 5-2 over Colorado

By pestfood.com

San Diego beat Colorado.

The San Diego Padres won the game against the Colorado Rockies in the “2024 Major League Baseball” at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado on April 25 (Korea time).

San Diego won the game 5-2.

Kim had two hits and two RBIs from four times at bat, including a finishing hit in the first inning. After posting multi hits in two consecutive games, Kim had a batting average of 0.240.

San Diego started the starting lineup of “knuckle bowler” Matt Waldron. Xander Bogaerts (2B), Fernando Tatis Jr. (RF), Jake Cronenworth (1B), Jurickson Profar (DH), Kim Ha-sung (SS), Jackson Merrill (CF), Egi Rosario (3B), Jose Azocar (LF) and Kyle Higashioka (C).

For Colorado, left-hander Ty Brock started. Charlie Blackmon (DH), Ezekiel Tobar (SS), Ryan McMahon (3B)-Elias Diaz (C)-Eleuris Montero (1B), Brenton Doyle (CF), Brandon Rogers (2B), Jake Cave (LF) and Sean Bouchard (RF) faced off.

San Diego dominated the game by creating a big inning from the first inning. Kim Ha-sung hit a two-run double when Bogartz hit and Tatis and Profar had a chance to load the bases with one out. Kim Ha-sung hit his fourth double of the season. San Diego scored four runs in the first inning with Merrill adding a sacrifice fly and Rosario adding a timely hit.

San Diego added a score in the top of the sixth inning. Profar and Kim Ha-sung created chances with consecutive hits, and Meryl brought in Profar with a groundout. 메이저사이트

In the bottom of the sixth inning, McMahon scored his third solo shot of the season, recovering one point. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Diaz scored his second solo shot of the season, chasing one more point.

San Diego Padres starter Waldron won his first game of the season by pitching six innings of good pitching and one run. Yuki Matsui was in charge of the seventh inning, Wandy Peralta the eighth inning (one run), and Robert Suarez the ninth inning.