24 April 2024

Klinsmann, a “message maker,” mentioned when he was in Korea and said, “I was able to make it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, and my coach’s experience for a year is fantastic.”

By pestfood.com

Every time he opens his mouth, he makes absurd remarks. Jurgen Klinsmann (61) also brought up the topic of his time as a member of the Korean national team.
Austria’s “SERVUS TV” released the full text of Klinsmann’s interview on its website on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time).

While discussing the current situation in Bayern Munich, Klinsmann also brought up the topic while playing for the Korean national team. “One year in Korea was a fantastic experience,” Klinsmann said. “In fact, Korea wanted to be able to pass the quarterfinals at the World Cup. That’s why I wanted to continue working there.”

Andreas Herzog (56), former coach of the Korean national team, also attended the talk show on SERVUS TV. He still has a good relationship with Klinsmann. “Her friendship with Haerzog continued since she was a player. We played together in Munich (1995-1996),” Klinsmann said. “Unfortunately, Haerzog only stayed in Munich for one year. I played for one more year. However, we never stopped contacting each other after that.”

“Clinsmann’s philosophy hit it off. He was similar in that he played aggressive soccer,” Herzog said. “Clinsmann was a goaltender when he was a player. I was a playmaker.”

He also gave details on why he came as a Korean leader. “Unfortunately, my career as a coach did not go as I wanted,” Klinsmann said. “When I became the coach of the German national team, I was unable to bring Herzog to my coach,” adding, “Afterwards, when I was coaching the U.S. and Korean national teams, I asked her if she would like to work together.” In fact, Klinsmann and Herzog served as leaders of both the Korean and U.S. national teams.
The U.S. and South Korea showed similar reactions after Klinsmann and Herzog left. Especially, the U.S. sports media ESPN released a flurry of articles criticizing Klinsmann even after he was appointed as coach of the South Korean national team. 밤알바

Klinsmann, who took the helm of South Korea last year, was sacked in less than a year after signing his contract. The initial contract was through the 2026 FIFA North-Central America World Cup, but he left Korea in disgrace after suffering poor performance and insincere working attitude. There was also a controversy over discord within the Qatar Asian Cup squad for the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the disgraceful behavior of avoiding responsibility for the semifinal match against Jordan.

Klinsmann still maintains his shameless attitude. In March, he also mentioned Tottenham Hotspur manager Son Heung-min (32), the captain of the Korean national team, during an appearance on ESPN. Analyzing Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou (59), Klinsmann once said, “Tottenham’s goal is not fourth place.”