23 April 2024

Bae Ji-hwan, Major Call-Up won’t be easy…Minor is full of competitors. “Across the mountain”

By pestfood.com

Bae Ji-hwan (25), who plays for Triple-A team in the Pittsburgh Pirates, will not be able to make a call-up to the Major League for the time being. Even if there are vacancies in the Major League, Triple-A team will have more players to call up.

Pittsburgh released a press release titled “Minor League News” on Sunday (Korea time). According to the report, there are many competitors who are playing in Triple-A along with Bae, and all of them have good performances. Therefore, even if the Major League Baseball has vacancies, we cannot rule out the possibility that one of these competitors will be called up earlier than Bae.

Among Bae’s minor league rivals is Nick Gonzalez. Making his Major League debut in June last year, Bae failed to join the 26-man roster of this season’s opener, and started his season with Triple-A.

Gonzalez, who played in a total of 19 Triple-A games, has a batting average of 0.385 with one homer and 11 RBIs. His on-base plus slugging percentage is also 1.025. Like Bae, Gonzalez is also capable of multiple infield positions and outfield defense. In addition, he is capable of hitting in one stroke.

Veteran infielder Jake Lamb (34) is also one of the mountains Bae Ji-hwan has to overcome in Triple A.

He has nine years of experience in the big leagues since his Major League debut in 2014. Having better defense than bats, he was named an All-Star in 2017. Having started this season with Triple-A under the Pittsburgh Pirates, he has a batting average of 0.362 with two homers and nine RBIs in a total of 15 games as of Sunday. His OPS is also good at 0.990.

Considering the performance and career of players currently in Triple A, the U.S. local media say that Lamb is the first player to be called up if there is a vacancy in the Major League.

As a result, Bae is proving his worth in Triple-A. As of Tuesday, he played in a total of eight games, recording a batting average of 0.481 with one homer and four RBIs. His OPS is also 1.255.

Bae suffered a hip injury at the end of this year’s spring camp and failed to enter the 26-man roster for the opening round. After rehabilitation for about a month, he recently joined Triple-A Team and continues to compete for a big-leak call-up.

Pittsburgh continued to take the lead in the Central Division of the National League in the beginning of this season as it did in previous years, but seems to have lost steam recently. As of Tuesday, it ranked fourth with 11 wins and 11 losses in this season’s winning rate of 0.500. It is now four games ahead of Milwaukee, the team’s leader. 유흥알바

If it is judged that a new engine is needed to renew the team’s atmosphere, chances are high that one of the aforementioned Gonzalez, Lamb and Bae Ji-hwan will be called up. In order for Bae to be chosen, he must maintain his current good performance.