22 April 2024

When pressed, rear lethargy…Beyond Kim Ki-dong’s “No Luck,” FC Seoul’s biggest challenge

By pestfood.com

“I don’t think luck follows. I haven’t scored because my opponent made it well.”

FC Seoul’s weaknesses were clearly revealed despite such remarks by “chief” coach Kim Ki-dong. Seoul lost 2-3 against Jeonbuk Hyundai in the eighth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on Tuesday. After losing 2-4 to the Pohang Steelers in the last round, it lost two consecutive games at home. It allowed as many as seven runs in two games.

Although Kim mentioned “luck” in consideration of the morale of the team, it is true that Jeonbuk has properly targeted Seoul’s weak points. Starting with Thiago and Song Min-gyu at the front line, he knocked on the unstable back door of Seoul with strong forward pressure. He controlled the build-up. In the sixth minute of the first half, Seoul goalkeeper Choi Cheol-won handled the goal poorly and allowed Song Min-gyu’s tackle to score the first goal. Seoul turned the score around with consecutive goals by Ilyushchenko and Palosevic, but Lee Young-jae scored the equalizer in the 38th minute of the first half, and Jeon Byeong-gwan scored an overhead reverse shot in the fourth minute of the second half when Kim Jin-su crossed.

Seoul has been struggling to display strong forward pressure this season. The same was true for Gwangju FC and the opening round (0-2 loss), and Gangwon FC and the fourth round (1-1 draw). Basically, critics say the build-up is unstable starting with the center back. The anxiety increased after Kim Ju-seong, the most stable member of the national team, sustained a fractured toe. After he was excluded, Pohang and Jeonbuk continued to score goals, persistently targeting weaknesses in Seoul.

The mobility and speed of the third-tier Korean team are also problematic. Ki Sung-yueng, the captain, cannot handle the situation alone, as he is not very good at speed. Currently, the squad should be in an environment where he can focus on controlling the ball and supplying passes to the front, but his partner is unstable. He plays like a fighting chicken, and is relatively weak in playing against the opponent team’s midfield and protecting the four-back. This is why it is not easy for him to expect the ball to jump quickly from the midfield to the front.

The tendency to lose under opponent team pressure can be proven by the data. According to B-Proleven, a soccer data provider, Seoul attempted just 11 tackles in the match against Jeonbuk. This is one fourth of Jeonbuk (42). The number of interceptions also stood at nine, trailing Jeonbuk (19). The number of ball misses is 12, which is five more than Jeonbuk (7). 핑크알바

Seoul ranked first among the 12 teams in the number of passes, ahead of Ulsan (3,753), which played one game less, with 3,793 passes. However, the number of passes in attack zones is 574 (4th), far behind Ulsan (739 passes, 1st place). In comparison, passes in the central region (2,217 passes) and passes in defense zones (1,002) are ranked first and third, respectively. The ball is mostly played from the back.