21 April 2024

“Jeonbuk is equipped with a texture that hasn’t been in place for a while.” “Two precious wins in a row” gained under the acting Park Won-jae system

By pestfood.com

Jeonbuk Hyundai has installed a texture that has not been in place for a while.

Jeonbuk Hyundai won 3-2 in the eighth round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against FC Seoul at 4:30 p.m. on the 20th at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Jeonbuk has accumulated two wins this season under acting coach Park Won-jae and has set the stage for a change of atmosphere by recording its first consecutive win.

It is a valuable two-game winning streak. Jeonbuk won its first win in the league this season against Gwangju FC in the last round. It was only its first win. I had no time. My eyes immediately turned to Seoul, and the team gained three points in the away game, displaying upbeat mood.

Jeonbuk has another income. It has strengthened its power against Seoul.

Jeonbuk has no memory of losing a match against Seoul since July 2017. Winning again this time will enable it to continue its unbeaten streak of 21 matches with 16 wins and five draws.

Jeonbuk’s two-game winning streak and unbeaten streak against Seoul are largely equipped with detail and texture under the acting Park Won-jae system.

Under coach Petrescu, Jeonbuk stuck to its plan to create an offensive chance by delivering the ball quickly to the side and front rather than going through the midfield.

However, it rarely worked as the accuracy decreased. In particular, there were not a few criticisms that there was no creativity while relying only on the side.

After breaking up with Petrescu, he switched to the acting Park Won-jae system, equipped with details and texture that had never been before.

Jeonbuk, under the acting Park Won-jae system, took the lead based on its large amount of activity and did not give the opponent a chance due to intense pressure. 여우알바

In addition, he focused on improving his market share through plays through the midfield and showed a smoother and more accurate linkage process than before.

In particular, positioning gradually eliminated the previously chaotic atmosphere. The players’ accurate positioning showed ease in preventing counterattack development and opponent’s offensive.

In the absence of Jeonbuk’s head coach, coach Park Won-jae wrapped his head around the team’s atmosphere with the existing coach Cho Sung-hwan and coach Jung Hyuk, who joined Team B.

Jeonbuk, under the acting coach Park Won-jae, is equipped with new details and texture. It resulted in a valuable two-game winning streak, giving it the momentum to regain its original position.