19 April 2024

Team Hwang Sun-hong, Avoid Qatar! Too Much Home Advantage, Director Shin Tae-yong’s Extreme Rage, and Jordan ‘Unfair’

By pestfood.com

Wrap your home advantage around your head and avoid Qatar that will host the AFC U23 Asian Cup. This is the homework for Team Hwang Sun-hong.

Qatar beat Jordan 2-1 in its second Group A match at the Jasim bin Hamad Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar, on Wednesday (Korea time). Qatar cruised to two wins and confirmed its passage to the group stage early on.

There was no controversy until Abdullah Al-Yazidi’s brilliant first goal in the 40th minute of the first half gave Qatar the lead, and Jordan turned the game back to square one with Aref Alhaji’s penalty kick in the 7th minute of the second half. It was a penalty kick decision made by the referee after confirming the Jordan player’s kicking his calf in the penalty area through VAR.

The situation in question happened right before the end of the match. Mohamed Almanay received a free kick and scored the winner of the second half in the 14th minute. VAR continued as the Jordanian player was caught and fell when the free kick flew into the door. In the video, Qatar’s Tamim Mansour was seen holding Jordan’s Aon Al-Mahameh’s uniform tightly and throwing it on the floor like a judo player. However, the referee admitted the goal as it was after communicating with the VAR room.

Qatar also had a controversial victory in the first match against Indonesia on Wednesday. At the time, Qatar took the lead with an Indonesian player’s penalty kick, which was accompanied by a cumulative exit from warning, and Indonesia’s exit again at the end of the match, winning an easy 2-0 victory. After losing the match, Indonesian coach Shin Tae-yong said, “There were too many dubious decisions. This is not soccer but comedy. We had no contact with each other when our team’s first red card came out,” and raised issue with the team’s management as well, saying, “It took seven minutes yesterday when I came to the stadium, but today it took 25 minutes.” Shin did not cut back, but his remarks could be interpreted as too much home advantage.

Qatar has already confirmed its ranking as top in its group. With only one match in Group B, Korea is ranking No. 1 in its group by winning 1-0 over the United Arab Emirates. If Korea advances to the quarterfinals by ranking second in Group B, it will meet Qatar, the No. 1 in Group A. It is the toughest opponent. On the other hand, if Korea ranks first in Group B, it will not meet Qatar unless it goes to the finals.

Although Team Hwang Sun-hong is said to be a strong contender for the title at this year’s event, the group cannot be guaranteed to win. Korea is in the “Group of Death” of all time. The team will meet China and Japan from now on. Notably, the team that wins the match against Japan in the final group match is highly likely to rank No. 1 in the group. On the contrary, 밤알바 the team that loses the match between Korea and Japan is more likely to meet Qatar.

Complaints about Qatar’s home advantage are also reflected in Wikipedia, a user-participating online encyclopedia. A user edited that Qatar already advanced to the final as well as the quarterfinals. This translates into a futuristic edit. In other words, Qatar’s final match is already decided as a “fabrication of the organizers.”