15 April 2024

The Korean European Society tries to take an academic approach to European sports culture with ‘football’

By pestfood.com

The European Society of Korea (Chairman Yoon Sung-won, professor of business administration at Suwon University) has attempted an academic approach to the field of sports. It is said that this is a fresh attempt to study regional studies, which may feel hard.

On April 12, the Korean European Society held a spring conference at Gachon University’s Vision Tower under the theme of “Pan-Global Challenges and Europe’s Response: Implications for Korea.”

The nine-panel conference covered economic security, socioeconomic models, NATO’s expansion and security landscape, conflicts in the Eastern European-Balkan and Baltic regions, European socioeconomic models, and various topics of politics, economy, society, and culture.

In particular, the ‘Sports Culture’ panel was newly established at this conference. European studies, encompassing European politics, economy, society, and culture, sought to expand into the sports field.
Under the theme of “Europe and Korea: Connecting to Sports Culture,” the panel was chaired by Kim Si-hong, a professor of Italian Studies at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Dr. Ahn Jun-cheol (instructor of Dankook University’s Department of Media Communication), a former MK Sports graduate who covered various sports including the Olympics and Asian Games, came forward with the theme of “European Sports Culture Projected by the Media of Korea.”

Dr. Ahn analyzed the form of “hooligan,” which is represented by a violent character, being accepted by the Korean media, focusing on the cheering culture of soccer, which began in the UK and has been reborn as a world-class sport. Through the Korea Press Promotion Foundation’s Big Kines search, 195 articles have included “hooligan” as a keyword in the past year.

There were only eight sports-related articles, but 142 political articles were found to be 72.8%. Dr. Ahn explained, “The hooliganism of European soccer culture was reproduced through the Korean media, and there is a strong tendency to be interpreted politically.” 핑크알바

Dr. Yoo Yong-joon (Suwon FC Power Analysis Team), a former soccer player, then presented the theme of “Examples of Communication and Adaptation of Foreign Players in Korean Professional Sports Club.”
Dr. Yoo, who was in charge of recruiting players such as Park Joo-ho, Ji So-yeon, and Kwon Kyung-won from Suwon FC’s power enhancement team, said, “There are about 2 out of 10 foreign players who want to learn Korean, and the most difficult thing for foreign players to adapt to is listening to Korean weather, food, and language, and the good thing is that they appreciated security, clean roads, delivery systems, Korean sentiment, and the spirit of compliance.”

Koo Ji-hoon, a history professor at Changwon National University who is famous for being invited to the home of Roberto Bazo, the “horsehair” while studying in Italy, revealed his knowledge of sports to the extent that his minor is “football and volleyball.”