15 April 2024

An unfamiliar and bewildering crisis… Daejeon Hana, 11th place Daegu, and the cliff edge away match on the 21st

By pestfood.com

Daejeon Hana Citizen is in crisis. Manager Lee Min-seong stressed the need for dramatic changes, mentioning the upcoming games or two. This is why the upcoming match against Daegu FC is a game on the brink. Only when the team wins, it will bring about the continuity of the team that has been continued under the Lee administration.

Daejeon Hana, led by Lee, lost 0-1 at the match against Suwon FC in the seventh round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Suwon Stadium at 2 p.m. on Saturday. Daejeon Hana failed to block Lee Jae-won’s goal at the 5th minute in the second half, and ended up losing in the enemy territory. Currently, the team is bogged down in two consecutive losses in the league.

It is an early move in the season with many negative indicators in many ways. Daejeon is at the bottom of the standings with one win, two draws and four losses in seven matches since the opening of the season. Along with Suwon FC and Daegu FC, the team is currently scoring the fewest points in the K League 1, and the number of lost points has exceeded double digits through the match against Suwon FC. It reported its first win in the match against HD in Ulsan, the fifth game after the season opened, but it can be said that it was belated in that the teams that failed to win in the K League 1 before the match were Daejeon Hana and Jeonbuk.

Given that he has never experienced such a thing under coach Lee Min-sung, both in K-League 1 and K-League 2, the crisis he is experiencing now is truly unfamiliar and embarrassing in the situation of Daejeon. Moreover, he is in a difficult situation as he focused on strengthening his power as he aimed to advance to the AFC Champions League last winter.

The Suwon FC match was a loss, but it was a game that had a lot of problems in terms of performance, so I was more worried. There were too many turnovers and mistakes in the build-up process, and relatively few chances were created. It was quite shocking not only to the fans but also to the coach Lee, who led the game, that he played a game with a low chance of winning although he could lose the game.

“It is a big blow not only for me but also for the team,” 유흥알바 Lee told a news conference after the game. “If we fail to find stability within the next two games, we will face a difficult situation,” he said. It was quite different from Lee’s reaction, in which he tried to find positive meaning even in his usual defeat.

Daejeon Hana will play the third round of the 2024 Hana Bank FA Cup against Jinju Citizens’ Soccer Team at 7 p.m. on the 17th, and will play an away game against Daegu FC in the eighth round scheduled at Daegu Stadium on the 21st. The match against Jinju Citizens’ Soccer Team, which is played with a relative advantage in objective power, is the main match only when it wins, and the match against 11th-ranked Daegu is a really burdensome match in that if it loses, it will be difficult for Daejeon Hana to escape from the bottom for a while.

In any case, there is no breakthrough but victory. Attention is focusing on whether director Lee Min-sung will be able to find a trick while being pushed to the brink.