14 April 2024

Song Min-gyu, the first winner of Jeonbuk, said bitterly, “My pride is hurt… The players didn’t feel too bad.”

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“It hurt my pride that the team called Jeonbuk could not win for six games.”

Jeonbuk beat Gwangju 2-1 in the seventh round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 13th.

It was the first victory in seven matches. Jeonbuk beat Pohang in the round of 16 teams at the AFC Champions League (ACL) in February, but had only three draws and three losses in the K-League. However, Coach Petrescu also gave up the baton after the match against Jeju Island.

Jeonbuk, which had been reeling, roared at last by catching Gwangju at its home ground. It jumped to ninth place with six points, and successfully eliminated the team. At the same time, it continued its 10th consecutive win against Gwangju Jeonseong.

The person who contributed the most to the victory was Song Min-gyu. He led the Jeonbuk team’s offense by taking the lead in the forward line along with Thiago. Song Min-gyu performed full-time in the 90th minute, and bullied Gwangju’s defense by recklessly breaking through, pressing, and selfless play.

The finishing goal also came from Song Min-gyu’s tiptoe. He did not miss his opponent’s goalkeeper’s mistake in extra time in the second half. It was Song Min-gyu’s first goal of this season in the league and his first win for Jeonbuk. “It is not an exaggeration to say that Song Min-gyu is almost leading Jeonbuk. If it were not for Mingyu’s sacrifice, there would be no victory today,” acting coach Park Won-jae praised him.

Song Min-gyu, who was selected as the best player, said in a press conference after the match, “All the members only looked at the victory and prepared for it despite tough circumstances. The players also had different attitudes. I think we were able to win because of that.”

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  • He induced the opponent team’s goalie’s mistake and scored the finisher. Was this the part that he had been ordering since the training.

I think everything we’ve prepared tactically came out. Of course, there were mistakes in the middle, but the game cannot be perfect. In a way, the second goal also seems to have been tactically made well to the end. I think I pressed it well and connected it to the goal.

  • I scored my first league goal this year. I think I’ll feel better.

I just kept wanting to win the team over the individual points of attack. I still do. It’s been a very difficult time. We were like that, but so were the fans. Coincidentally, my joy was doubled because my goal allowed my team to win. 퀸알바

  • There is no head coach. Isn’t it difficult.

I experienced this situation last year, too. In a way, the coach left all of a sudden. Players have a lot of regrets, not regrets. It was very difficult because I had a lot of regrets, saying, “I should have done better when I was there.” Still, coach Park Won-jae helped me a lot. He kept communicating with the members so that they could move in the right direction. Thanks to that, the players also seem to have given up their sadness and lingering feelings and prepared well by focusing on this game.