14 April 2024

‘Players Silent’ – FC Seoul 20 Years Romantic Accompanied Happy Ending…”I’ll make the 2nd Ssangyong-Tugo as a leader”

By pestfood.com

“FC Seoul is a dream gift for me, an honor to be with you for 20 years.”

Their 20-year partnership with FC Seoul ended beautifully. Now, “leader” and Seoul depict a new future. They made me feel the value of a “one-club man” in professional soccer.

Ko Yo-han (36), who announced his retirement as a player at the end of last season and turned into a coach at Osan High School, the under-18 team in Seoul, held a retirement ceremony in front of his home fans in February. He attended the retirement ceremony held shortly after the 7th round of the K League 1 between Seoul and Pohang Steelers at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th and said his last greeting as a player.

Jo joined Seoul in 2004, and when he was a pro player, he was joined by Ki Sung-yueng, Park Chu-young, Lee Chung-yong and Go Myung-jin, creating a sensation of young blood in Seoul. Unlike his fellow players who moved to overseas leagues such as Europe or the Middle East, Go Yo-han played in dark red uniforms of Seoul for 20 years.

A multiplayer, not only midfielder but also side defense, Ko played 446 games for Seoul, scoring 40 goals and 39 assists. She shared her team’s heyday by winning three K-League titles (2010, 2012, 2016) and FA Cup titles (2015). Even with her national flag, she played in the 2018 Russia World Cup finals. In an interview with Sports Seoul in Kagoshima, Japan in February last year, she admitted that there had been “love calls between different leagues and different teams,” and showed strong affection for the team.

The club responded. In recognition of his hard work, he became the first player to have his registration number 13 permanently retired when he was an active player. On the day, he received an award from the Korea Football Association, a frame with his uniform, and a plaque of appreciation for his team. He also received applause from his home fans as he participated in the game with his two children. The supporters’ “Guardian” put up hanging drawings with his face engraved on them, “Go’od 13ye,” “Good job, Seoyan is Seoul,” and “Good job, 13 forever.” At the retirement ceremony, when the video of his active career played on the electronic display and his parents sent him messages of support, he shed tears that he endured.

“It was a great honor and a great reward for me as a player,” he told a news conference right after the retirement ceremony. “I made up my mind (not to cry) before I came (to the retirement ceremony). I shed tears when the video of my parents came out. Even though I was picky about sports, they took care of me with their love. I had mixed feelings.”

Cho picked lifting the trophy with his team as his “best moment” and mentioned the runner-up of the 2013 Asian Champions League (ACL) as his “sad moment.” “If I can go back, I want to go to the second round (with Guangzhou Hengda) and win the title,” Ko said.

To become the club’s first permanent absentee, he said, “I’m glad that he admitted to playing hard for 20 years.” To make his first start as a coach in Seoul after a player, he said, “Since I made his dream come true as a player, if I prepare well, I will give him an opportunity as a leader of the first team,” adding, “I want to foster players who can play all positions as well as commitment and determination to the team (at Osan High School).” 업소알바

Finally, when asked what he wanted from the club, he drew his second life, saying, “I hope you will support Osan High School so that many players like Ssangyong (Lee Cheong-yong, Ki Sung-yong) and Go (Ko Yo-han and Ko Myung-jin) come out.”