14 April 2024

Even Bae Jun-ho left! Hwang Sun-hong and Chapo will take off and try to go to Olickpick… Choi Kang-min’s replacement

By pestfood.com

“Bae Junho is also missing!”

In the end, what was feared came true. Hwang Sun-hong, who is trying to advance to the finals for 10 consecutive Olympics, took off both his car and gun and started to hunt for tickets. Even Bae Joon-ho, who expected to center the attack, was out of his power. English Championship Stoke City is fighting for relegation, so he refused to call Bae Joon-ho. 

The Korea Football Association announced a substitute candidate for the Olympic soccer team on Wednesday. “As Stoke City FC, Bae Joon-ho’s team, which was included in the 23 entries for the final qualifying round for the Olympics, finally informed the team that it would not be able to recruit players due to team circumstances, the association requested Choi Kang-min (Ulsan HD) to replace him,” he said. “(Choi Kang-min) will arrive in Doha at 11:45 p.m. local time on the 14th.” 

As a result, three European players who were expected to play key roles in Hwang’s team were excluded. Bae Joon-ho was also excluded following defender Kim Ji-soo of Brentford in the English Premier League and winger Yang Hyun-joon of Celtic in the Scottish Premier League. Players who will lead the offense and defense are excluded, which is feared to weaken the team’s power. 

The Korean national Olympic team led by Hwang Sun-hong has already arrived in Doha, Qatar, the site of a showdown. The Korean team will participate in the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup that will take place in Qatar on Wednesday (Korea time). The upcoming event will also serve as the final qualifying round for Asia for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Only top three players will be eligible to invite the Korean team to the Olympics. If the team ranks fourth, it will have to play an intercontinental playoff with Guinea, the fourth-ranked team in Africa, to determine its advance to the finals.  고수익알바

Korea will face off against formidable opponents from the start of the group league. As a member of Group B, Korea will compete with the United Arab Emirates, China, and Japan for a place in the quarterfinals. The team will face off with the United Arab Emirates on June 17, China on June 19, and Japan on June 22. The team can advance to the quarterfinals only when it ranks first or second in the group. Before facing Japan, Korea needs to beat the UAE, China and advance to the quarterfinals at an early date. Its first assignment is to win the match against the “strongest team in the Middle East,” which it will meet first.