14 April 2024

“Career High Achievement” Kim Hyun-wook thanked his former team, Jeju, “I like the grass so much.”

By pestfood.com

Kim Hyun-wook, the captain of Gimcheon Sangmu, is facing a new heyday in his later years. He put in a dagger against his former team Jeju United, but on the other hand, he did not forget to thank them.

Gimcheon rekindled its winning streak with a 2-0 victory in the seventh round of the Jeju-Hana Bank K League 1 2024 away game at Jeju World Cup Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on the 13th.

On the day, Gimcheon beat its home team Jeju Island unexpectedly. The same applies not only to the result but also to the content. With a 54 percent share, the team had a 14:8 lead in shooting overall and 8:2 lead in shooting on goal. Had it not been for the bad luck of two goals, it would not have been strange to achieve a landslide victory.

Captain and squad leader Kim Hyun-wook won the match against Gimcheon. Kim received a long kick from goalie Kim Joon-hong in the 34th minute of the first half, hit the right side quickly, and scored the first goal with a shot after destroying Jeju’s defense. With momentum, Kim even scored Kang Hyun-mook’s additional goal in the extra time of the first half to win.

Kim Hyun-wook scored the most goals in a season since his fourth goal in 2018 with his fifth goal of the season. After scoring only one goal in the K League 2 last season, he achieved his career high in seven games.

In an interview after the game, he said, “I’m a little embarrassed that my career high is five goals. Still, I’m encouraged because I’m showing good performances within a short period of time. I have a good atmosphere and confidence with my teammates, which is creating a good situation.”

Kim Hyun-wook did a gymnastics ceremony against Jeju, his first professional team and home. He doesn’t do ceremonies well for his former team, including his home, but there was a reason.

“Seo Jin-soo (Jeju), who served in the military together while warming up before the game, said that if he plays a song that he always listens to during the morning roll call, his condition will deteriorate. We warmed up while listening to that song. We asked him to do a gymnastics ceremony if we scored a goal in reverse, and we did it because we thought of it,” Seo’s provocation was crucial.

Kim Hyun-wook did not forget his gratitude and affection for Jeju, his first professional team. In particular, he mentioned the grass at the Jeju World Cup Stadium. “The ground condition was very good because I came to Jeju away. I’m grateful to the Jeju officials for playing well because of the grass,” he said. “The atmosphere at the Jeju stadium is better than before. Jeju is my first team, so I’m watching with affection. I hope it goes well all the time.” 노래방알바

His strong performance is also being watched by his original team, Jeonnam Dragons. Jeonnam, which is currently on the rise with 3 wins and 2 losses in K League 2, can be encouraged to be promoted to K League 1 when Kim Hyun-wook is discharged from the military on July 15.

Kim Hyun-wook said, “It’s a shame that Jeonnam lost to Suwon, but I think it’s strong enough. If the players work together more together, good results will come out,” and “I congratulate Minister Lee every time Jeonnam wins, but he told me to come back quickly.”