13 April 2024

South Korea U-15 Team Participates in Torneo Friendship Tournament…Italy and Romania compete in the group stage

By pestfood.com

South Korea’s U-15 national team will participate in an international friendly tournament in Italy.

The U-15 team will participate in the Torneo Friendship Tournament from April 25 to May 1 in Italy. The team will convene on May 21 and immediately depart Korea to meet Italy on May 25 and Romania on May 26 in the group stage. It will then play a total of four matches through the semifinal match on April 29 and the ranking match on May 1.

A total of 12 teams, including Italy, South Korea, Romania, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Ireland, UAE, North Macedonia, Austria, Wales and Norway, will participate in the tournament. Three teams will play in four groups, and all teams will play four games in the form of ranking matches according to the results of the group matches. 유흥알바

The roster consists of 22 players who were born in 2009. Kim Hyun-joon, former leader of the Korea Football Association, will lead the team as a coach. In preparation for the upcoming competition, the U-15 national team conducted a training session in Gyeongju from May 1 to May 5 to check the players.
The U-15 national team is an age group that will compete at the 2026 FIFA U-17 World Cup, which will take place two years later. The FIFA U-17 World Cup, which had been held every two years so far, is expected to be held every year starting in 2025, following the recent FIFA decision. The number of participating teams has been expanded from 24 to 48. Qatar will host the games from 2025 to 2029.