13 April 2024

Kwak Ro-young, the ‘Expectant’ who debuted in the WK League, said, “U-17 World Cup ‘Harsh comments’, I raised myself strongly.”

By pestfood.com

Kwak Ro-young, who has grown up attracting attention as the future of Korean women’s soccer, has already made her WK League debut.

Kwak Ro-young recently said in a phone call with Best Eleven, “The tempo is much faster than the stages of middle and high schools and universities. I feel that I lack a lot because I have many high-quality older sisters. I deeply feel that I need to work harder.”

Born in 2003, a 20-year-old young striker has been regarded as the future of Korean women’s soccer since childhood. She grew up passing through Ulsan Hyundai Cheongwoon Middle School and Gwangyang Girls’ High School, and later went on to Korea University. She made the roster of the 2018 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup at the age of 15. When Huh Jung-jae noticed her, she gave her 10th try, giving her faith.

“When I think back then, I appreciate your interest and expectations. But I was too young at the time. I had a hard time because I didn’t just have warm eyes.” He confessed.

At the time, the U-17 team was grouped with strong teams such as Spain, Colombia and Canada, and was eliminated from the group stage with one draw and two losses. Kwak Ro-young said he suffered from malicious comments afterward. “There were many issues as I went to the World Cup. There were a lot of malicious comments, and there were many people who called me personally and criticized me. I was hurt a lot at that age.”

He stepped on the WK League stage after receiving the first selection by Gyeongju KHNP in the 2024 WK League Draft. Despite the injury that he has suffered from, he voluntarily carries an ice box with his other arm. Although he is still a rookie, KHNP coach Song Ju-hee gives him faith. He will be used as a substitute card to change the course of the second half. Kwak Ro-young is also showing his skills on the pitch.

Kwak Ro-young said, “I really wanted to work hard and contribute to the team whether I played for one minute or five minutes. The coach made my debut faster than I thought. I’m the youngest, but thank you for writing like this. I will do my best no matter how many minutes I play.” 밤알바

The KHNP in Gyeongju has extraordinary commitments this season. It has strengthened its capacity by recruiting Jang Seul-gi, Choi Ye-seul and Kwak Min-jeong ahead of the season. The results are coming out. It has two wins and two draws through the fourth round of the league, and it is ranking second after Incheon Hyundai Steel (with 11 points) where it played one more game with eight points.