13 April 2024

“Hit with confidence” encouraged by coach Yeom Ki-hoon, Kim Joo-chan said, “I’m most wary of impatience in the second year of the season… If you do as the coach says, you’ll get a score.”

By pestfood.com

“It’s been a really difficult year,” Kim Joo-chan said. “I really hated accepting the fact that ‘the team I love, Suwon, has been relegated.’
“I only felt sorry for the fans. There is only one way to ask for forgiveness from fans in the 2024 season. Promotion is the only way. All Suwon members sweat profusely thinking about winning the K League 2. I will do my best in every game,” Kim said.

Suwon recorded four wins and two losses (12 points) in six K-League games in the 2024 season. Suwon lost to E-Land FC in Seoul (1-2) and I-Park in Busan (0-1), but it remained in the losing streak.

Suwon quickly changed its team after the defeat. At a home game against the Jeonnam Dragons on April 10, the team won 5-1. The team garnered four goals in the second half alone, and successfully secured its first consecutive win this season.

Kim Joo-chan, who played full-time against Jeonnam, said, “All the members, including the coach, knew the importance of the game,” adding, “It seems that trying to play one more step than the opponent led to a good result.”

Kim’s physical condition is not 100 percent. Kim suffered a hamstring problem in the match against Chuncheon Citizens’ Soccer Team in the second round of the 2024 Korea Cup on March 24. That was why Kim was absent from the away match in Busan on March 31.
Kim needed rest but chose to return earlier than scheduled. “I still have some pain left,” Kim said with a smile. “I have a strong desire to run, so I am taking both training and treatment.” “I am not trying too hard. There is no damage,” Kim said at the hospital. “My condition is getting better as time goes by. I will try my best to help my team with better performance.”

Kim Joo-chan is a highly trusted striker under Coach Yeom Ki-hoon. Kim is also a striker with clear color. Striker Kim Hyun-jin, who has scored three goals in the recent two matches, has strength in post play that puts emphasis on strength and height. Pezal Mulic, a 203-centimeter striker, excels in shooting ability and emptying the opponent’s back space. 룸알바

Kim boasts fast feet, dribbling and shooting skills. “I feel like I have some leeway in my second year as a professional,” Kim said.

Kim continued, “In the debut season, I was in a hurry when I caught the ball. That disappeared. I take a look around and think about how to play. K-League 2 is as fast as K-League 1. It tends to get loose toward the second half, but it is clear that it is not an easy league. I will pay attention to both movement and thinking so that they can get faster.”