12 April 2024

There’s an injured player… Oakland calls up another player instead of Park Hyo-joon

By pestfood.com

Park Hyo-joon, who plays for Oakland Athletics Triple-A, had a chance, but was not called.

Ahead of an away game against the Texas Rangers on the 12th (Korea Standard Time), the Athletics placed outfielder Brent Rooker on the injured list on the 10th, citing a cartilage injury in the ribs.

It could have been an opportunity for Park Hyo-joon, who can also play the outfield, but the Athletics instead called up Max Schuehmann, 26, who was playing on the same team.

Schumann was drafted by the Athletics in the 20th round of the 2018 draft. After six seasons in the minor leagues alone, he was finally called to the big leagues for the first time.
This season, he played in six games for Triple-A Las Vegas, recording a batting average of 0.174 (4 hits in 23 times at bat).

He played second base, shortstop, and outfield transfer in Las Vegas. He is similar to Park Hyo-joon in that he can play various positions. If there is a difference, Park Hyo-joon is a left-handed hitter and Schumann is a right-handed hitter.

Park Hyo-joon, who did not make the opening roster despite having a batting average of 0.477 OPS of 1.137 in 23 games in this spring camp, currently has a batting average of 0.174 (4 hits in 23 times at bat) with three RBIs and two steals in seven games for Las Vegas.

It’s a pity that I wasn’t called, but it’s not necessarily frustrating. 룸알바

The Athletics have sent a message that the move will give opportunities to Triple-A players who are outside the 40-man roster. This could be a hope for Park and other Triple-A players as well.

Rooker was replaced on the 8th by the Detroit Tigers due to abdominal pain in the away game.

He was also selected as an All-Star last season, and he had 16 strikeouts in 30 at-bats (batting average 0.200) this season.