11 April 2024

Suwon Samsung, which scored five goals at home, jumped to second place for the first time in a row

By pestfood.com

Suwon Samsung, which was demoted to K League 2 for the first time in the club’s history this season, defeated the recently rising Jeonnam Dragons and won its first consecutive game in the second division.

Coach Yeom Ki-hoon made fans hope for direct promotion, which they promised ahead of the season.

Suwon won a landslide 5-1 victory at its home game in the sixth round of the 2024 K-League 2, which took place at Suwon Wond Cup Stadium on Sunday. Suwon, which had four wins and two losses due to the victory, accumulated 12 points, knocking down Jeonnam by one notch to rise to second place.

South Jeolla Province has failed to advance to the first division after falling to the bottom of the K League 1 (12th) in the 2018 season and being demoted to the second division. It unintentionally became a backbone from the second division. I wanted to spend the early days of the season with high enthusiasm to mark the 30th anniversary of the foundation, but I lost momentum due to a crushing defeat by Suwon.

In the early hours, Suwon scored the first goal and took the lead. In the third minute of the first half, Tungara broke through to the goal line with two or three opposing defenders, and a cross deflected off Jeonnam center back Yoo Ji-ha’s body and shook the net.

For a moment of joy, Jeonnam immediately launched a counterattack. In the 7th minute of the first half, the pass went off while Suwon’s defense was turning the ball from the back, and Park Tae-yong did not catch the ball intercepted by Noh Gun-woo, but connected it with a shot and hit the top of the right goal. Jeonnam once again shook the net in the extra time of the first half, but offside was declared.

Suwon gained momentum in the second half, with all of its replacement cards hitting the mark. Yeom increased the level of offense by putting Kim Hyun instead of Mulich at the front line striker. Kim Hyun overcame a physical fight with his opponent’s defender and released the attack through a pass that he gave to wingers penetrating quickly into the side. Son Seok-yong, who received Kim Hyun’s pass while breaking through the left side in the 17th minute of the second half, tricked an opponent by folding one of his defenders and scored a shot, running away 2-1.

It was also effective to deploy Kazuki instead of Tungara, an offensive midfielder. At the 26th minute of the second half, Kazuki scored a free kick from the bottom of the left box, and Kim Hyun-soo shook the net again with a header that reversed course.

Suwon then scored a goal down to right fullback Lee Si-young, putting a damper on Jeonnam’s willingness to pursue. Lee Si-young, who caught the ball from the bottom right of the box in the 35th minute of the second half, made a 4-1 run when he saw the opposite goal post and kicked a strong shot.

At the end of the second half, Jeonnam tackled Lee Sang-min, who was rushing to the gate, and received a direct red card for blocking a decisive scoring opportunity and even took the inferiority of numbers. Kim Hyun scored a header goal in the 45th minute of the second half, sealing the game. 퀸알바

“I put a lot of pressure on the strikers without realizing it, but I overcame it well, and I am fortunate that we were able to play a game that would bring joy to our fans,” Suwon manager Yeom Ki-hoon told reporters after the game. “I scored when it was really important, and I even scored a set piece goal. I think I instilled confidence in the players,” he said, adding meaning to his victory.