11 April 2024

Orange Corps Freshman Leads Gangwon FC, Dark Horse

By pestfood.com

Gangwon FC is emerging as a dark horse in the K League 1 this season, seeing the new face effect.

Gangwon, led by head coach Yoon Jung-hwan, is currently ranked fifth in the league (2 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss, 9 points) in Hana Bank’s K League 1 2024. On the 7th, he won 3-2 in an away game against Jeonbuk Hyundai at Jeonju World Cup Stadium, achieving his first two consecutive wins of the season, impressing soccer fans with his amazing scoring ability at the beginning of the season.

Gangwon had no win (four draws and four losses) in eight consecutive games it opened last season. Yoon Jung-hwan took the helm in the middle of the season, but managed to survive the playoff by finishing the regular season in 10th place.

Expectations were gathered in Gangwon’s winter transfer market ahead of this season when manager Yoon Jung-hwan was put to the test in earnest, but it was actually close to a question mark. Lee Sang-hun and Kim Yi-seok were recruited as FA without spending transfer fees,

He transferred Park Chung-hyo and Kim Kang-guk from the K-League 2. Lee, who was brought from Jeju United, played in 19 league games and 1,014 minutes (48 minutes on average) last season, showing little performance.

However, question marks have now become an exclamation point. By far, Lee Sang-hun is at the center. He has scored seven goals in six matches.

He became the top scorer in the fifth round, and widened the gap with the second place by scoring multiple goals in the sixth round. He has already achieved his career-high seven goals in six games.

Kim Kang-guk and Kim Yi-seok are showing off their presence in the midfield. Although Kim was absent in the last two games due to injury, he ranked 16th in overall passes and second in key passes in the league. In terms of per-game passes, this is the highest in the league. Kim is ranked 12th in overall passes in the league. He is taking care of bad things in the midfield so that Gangwon’s offense power can be maximized.

According to the records measured by the club, both players showed tremendous amount of activity, running 12 kilometers per game. Kim Kang-guk had a lot of high-intensity running across the front and rear sides, and Kim Yi-seok had a lot of change of direction as he covered widely from left to right.

In the back, Lee Ki-hyuk and Park Chung-hyo shine. Gangwon is releasing its attacks based on its rear build-up this season. Lee Ki-hyuk, a former midfielder, and Park Chung-hyo, a good goalkeeper, will start the attack. 유흥알바

Lee, who has transformed into a central defender, has demonstrated his reputation as one of the best defenders in the league in terms of overall passes, competition in the air, and fifth place in clearing. As a starting point for his build-up, he has displayed to the fullest the pass capability, which is his strength.

Park has displayed stellar defense capability to live up to his reputation as allowing the least number of runs in the K League 2 last season. He also eliminated anxiety over the back of Gangwon soccer through stable build-up.

Attention is focusing on whether Gangwon, which did not receive much attention before the season’s opening, will be able to create a “Gangwon wind” this season with its outstanding performance and new face performance.