9 April 2024

U-225 on replacement list, no ‘change’ cards…the harsh reality of Daegu

By pestfood.com

Daegu FC is having a difficult early season.

Daegu, led by coach Choi Won-kwon, remains in 11th place with one win, two draws and three losses. It beat Gwangju FC (2-1) in the fourth round, but failed to secure wins against Gangwon FC (0-3) and FC Seoul (0-0 draw).

Daegu has not been able to strengthen its capacity in this season. It brought in Japanese midfielder Yoshino Kyohei and defender Kim Kang-san, but Hong Jeong-woon (Daejeon Hana Citizen) transferred and Cho Jin-woo and Lee Jin-yong (Kimcheon Sang-mu) joined the military.

Daegu’s weakness is depth. The replacement list for the match against Seoul included five players under the age of 22 (U-22) (Park Se-jin, Lee Won-woo, Park Jae-hyun, Son Seung-min and Park Yong-hee). Except for Park Se-jin, he did not play many games in the K League 1. Son made his debut this season, and Park has yet to play even one game. Defender Lee Won-woo also played in only one game this season.

It means that there are no proven resources and the depth is thin at the same time. The composition of the best 11 is not bad, but there are no cards that can make a difference. The variable is injury. Veltola was not on the list for the second consecutive game after he was injured against Gwangju.

Moreover, ace Cesinha is repeating his injury and recovery. Because of that, his physical condition is not perfect. Cesinha also felt pain in his hamstring in the 18th minute of the first half against Seoul and was replaced. 고수익알바

Frontline striker Edgar (37) is also in his late 30s. Kim Young-joon, who can replace the former, has yet to be proven in the K-League 1. Go Jae-hyun, who has recorded the most goals scored by a Korean player in two consecutive seasons, is also having difficulty forming a team for offense this season.

On top of that, Hwang Jae-won, the main left-back, was called up to the Olympic team, and Kim Kang-san will join the military on the 29th. This means that U-22 resources could be added to the roster.

Daegu ranked 11th in annual salary expenditure last season. Despite this, it has successfully advanced to the Final A (sixth place). Early this season is clearly not an easy step. Daegu fans also criticized Choi through placards. The reality of Daegu, which has thinner depth than last season, should also be accurately viewed.