9 April 2024

Chu Hyo-joo scored the first goal in 27 seconds…Bellejo wins second warm-up match with Philippines

By pestfood.com

Bel-ho laughed at his second showdown with the Philippines. After taking the lead with Choo Hyo-joo’s thunderous first goal just 27 seconds after kickoff, Choi Yu-ri (Birmingham City) scored an additional goal, which sent the team to win early on.

The South Korean women’s soccer team led by England coach Colin Bell won 2-1 at an A-match warm-up match against the Philippines at Icheon Sports Complex on Sunday. With consecutive goals by Choo Hyo-joo and Choi Yu-ri, the team lost points to Angela Beard (Linshoping). After the team’s cancellation, the team will leave for an away match in the U.S. in June to play an A-match warm-up match.

Bell scored the first goal less than a minute after kickoff. When Choi quickly dug into the right side of the penalty box and gave up a cutback, Choo Hyo-joo, who had a no-mark chance in front of the door, finished it off lightly with her right foot.

Chu Hyo-joo’s goal was recorded as the shortest time for the South Korean women’s soccer team. According to the Korea Football Association, Chu Hyo-joo shook the net in 27 seconds, which is faster than Sung Hyun-ah’s 38-second goal in the 2003 Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup group stage against Hong Kong.

Bellejo, who took the lead with the first goal, then scored an additional goal to widen the gap. When Kang Chae-rim (Suwon FC) dug into the right side outside the penalty box and kicked a cross in the 33rd minute of the first half, Choi Yuri, who was rushing to the front of the door, cut it and shook the net with her right foot. 퀸알바

Bellejo, however, conceded a goal to the Philippines and allowed pursuit. In the 29th minute of the second half, Beard scored with a picturesque left-footed free kick from behind the penalty arc circle. Fortunately, Bellejo managed to keep the lead by one goal in the remaining minutes, and won 2-1 as the game ended.