7 April 2024

At the age of 30, professional debut goal… “Late K Leaguer” Kim Woon, “I’m dumbfounded, this is just the beginning!”

By pestfood.com

They finally have a flower bud. Kim Woon (FC Anyang), the late K-League player who was born in 1994, scored a debut goal as if she were watching him make his professional debut.

Anyang won 1-0 against the Ansan Greeners thanks to Kim Un’s dramatic goal in the second half of the second half at the fifth round home game of Hana Bank’s K League 2 2024 held at Anyang Stadium at 2 p.m. on the 6th. Anyang continued its unbeaten record with three wins and one draw since the opening, and took the lead by beating over Asan in South Chungcheong Province (eight points).

The game was not a satisfactory one for Anyang. Kim Un’s winning goal gave the team a dramatic victory, but the team struggled under pressure throughout the game, and there were not as many chances as usual. However, Anyang coach Yoo Byung-hoon deployed Kim Un in the 43rd minute of the second half, and Kim became the hero of a dramatic winning goal in the 6th minute of extra time as if to repay faith.

Kim Un is a striker that Anyang has ambitiously hired this season. Since her debut as a professional at the Icheon Citizen’s Soccer Team in the K3 League in 2017, she has played for Gyeongju KHNP, Daejeon Korea Railroad, FC Mokpo, Goyang KH, and Dangjin Citizen’s Soccer Team in succession. Although she has played in the K3·4 league, she has earned enough points to become the top scorer in the K3 League advance in her debut season. Coach Yoo also praised Kim as a “scoring specialized player.”

Kim Un, who attended the press conference after the game with a somewhat rigid expression, said, “Today’s game was my first K-League appearance, and I’m honored to be able to score my debut goal luckily. I’m very happy that what I’ve been preparing for so far has been accomplished,” and added, “I’m nervous that everything is experienced for the first time, including my debut goal and this press conference.”

“I’m still dumbfounded. I wonder if I’ve made my debut as a professional. Did I score a goal? I thought this day would come someday. I didn’t give up, so I think this day has come. I think it’s the beginning. I want to think it’s one of the processes that goes up higher.” 노래방알바

It was his debut goal since his debut in the K-League, but it is more surprising that he scored just eight minutes after he was substituted. When asked about his scoring situation, Kim said, “I told Mateus to ‘attack move, attack pass.’ He urged him to put in an aggressive pass as he would move aggressively. Just 30 seconds later, however, the scoring situation came as if he were lying. I think the goal comes from around the goal. I expected Mateus would give me that pass, and I was able to score because the ball came as I expected.”