7 April 2024

“Anyang Seonggol” Park Jong-hyun doesn’t back down… “Only Anyang, the undefeated team, has better flow than Bucheon.”

By pestfood.com

Defender Park Jong-hyun (23), who led FC Anyang to a scoreless victory and lead the team, expressed tremendous confidence in Bucheon FC’s visit to the next home game as an “Anyang Sunggol.”

Anyang beat the Ansan Greeners 1-0 in the fifth round of Hana Bank K League 2 2024 at Anyang Stadium in Gyeonggi Province at 2 p.m. on the 6th.

When the match seemed to end in a draw, the winning goal was scored. Striker Kim Un, who entered as a substitute in the 43rd minute of the second half, scored a surprise winning goal in the 6th minute of extra time of the second half, leading his team to victory. Kim Un scored the winning goal with his head when Matheus kicked a cross from his right to his left foot.

The team saved Anyang, where a 30-year-old rookie appeared to lose his debut goal in his professional debut. With this victory, Anyang had three wins and one draw (10 points) and became No. 1 in the K-League 2.

After the victory, he met center back Park Jong-hyun, who led Anyang’s defense team to score no runs. “As expected, it was a difficult game because Ansan prepared well. Still, I was able to win the game consistently by showing my concentration until the end,” he said.

Regarding his first start in the league this season and the change in Anyang’s defensive form from three to four this season, he said, “It is a prejudice that the defense is weak just because it is four backs. Rather, he is playing a stronger defense than last season,” adding, “I want to keep my center in the center as Coach Yoo Byung-hoon ordered. With (Lee) Chang-yong as the center back partner, we are honing the coach’s defensive instructions.”

Park Jong-hyun, who received the club’s priority through Anyang under-18 team Anyang Technical High School, will finally join the Anyang first team ahead of the 2022 season after spending three years at Soongsil University. Since then, he has been playing as the mainstay of Anyang’s defense until 2024.

Park Jong-hyun said, “The first year as a professional player was learning, the second year was growth, but the third year is a time to prove it. I want to show my fans with my actions. Anyang is a team that combines seniors and juniors well, so I’m looking forward to it even more.” 핑크알바

Meanwhile, Anyang will play a home game against Bucheon on May 10. Anyang is currently the only team that has no loss in the league out of a total of 25 teams in the K-League 1 and 2. However, Bucheon also took a five-round break after winning two consecutive league games, so it is worth looking forward to seeing the two teams’ “Yong-ho match.”

Park Jong-hyun said, “I think the flow of Anyang, the only unbeaten team, is better. Bucheon is a good team, but Anyang will prepare better and give fans a home game victory again.”