5 April 2024

Incheon, which lost its goal, entered the full-fledged competition with two consecutive wins + 4G undefeated

By pestfood.com

Incheon United has entered a full-fledged competition.

Incheon had three points in the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 Gwangju FC away road held at Gwangju Football Stadium on the 3rd. Incheon, which took a 2-0 lead with consecutive goals by Park Seung-ho and Mugosa, allowed Gwangju to tie the game by conceding two goals in a row, but Gerso’s winning goal at the end of the second half won the theater.

He has displayed more stable performance than last season. He has scored eight goals in five games, giving up six goals. This is a remarkable comparison with the five goals and 10 goals conceded in the first five games of last season.

In fact, Incheon was agonized over the lack of a goal early in the season, but has been scoring goals since the match against Ulsan. The process of attack has been smooth. Both goals scored in the match against Gwangju were well-made as planned. He only had 26% of the possession, but he took advantage of the opportunity. Mugosa, who received a lobbing pass in the penalty box in the 33rd minute, passed to Park Seung-ho in the gate, and scored with a calm shot. In the 5th minute of the second half, Mugosa scored a cross that Hong Si-hoo, who caught the ball from the right side, put into the box with a powerful header.

It has won two consecutive games. Incheon had its first win of this season in the match against Hana Citizen (2-0 win) in Daejeon and even caught Gwangju FC. To expand the scope, it has continued its unbeaten streak of four consecutive games from the match against FC Seoul (0-0 draw) to the match against Ulsan HD (3-3 draw) on April 10. During the period, 노래방알바 it accumulated eight points to rank fifth.

The harmony of veterans and young blood stands out. With Mugosa and Gerso taking the lead in attack, “Young Gun” Park Seung-ho is joining the team. He has been scoring offensive points for three consecutive games. He scored his first goal of the season against Ulsan, and helped Gerso score the first goal of the season against Daejeon. He is also enjoying his second goal of the season against Gwangju.

The team hopes to continue its upward trend. After two days off, Incheon will invite Jeju United, which beat Jeonbuk Hyundai 2-0, to its home ground on May 6. With seven points in five games, Jeju is ranked sixth, just below Incheon. If Incheon catches Jeju Island and continues its three-game winning streak, it can look even higher.