4 April 2024

“Motor ball and I are 99% identical”… “First-class striker” who recovers memories of “19 goals in the 2020 season,” dreams of resurrection with his teacher

By pestfood.com

“Coach Kim Ki-dong’s direction and my soccer style are 99% the same”

Seoul won 5-1 in the fifth round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” against Gimcheon Sangmu at 7:30 p.m. on the 3rd at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

After losing 0-2 at the opening match against Gwangju FC, Seoul had two wins and two draws to go undefeated in four league matches. Seoul moved to fourth place with eight points.

Ilyushchenko was at the center of the landslide victory. Ilyushchenko started as a front-line striker, and scored as many as four offensive points with two goals and two assists on the day.

Ilyushchenko defended the ball inside the penalty box in the 10th minute of the first half, and connected it accurately to Cho Young-wook for an assist. Afterwards, he shook the net himself. He scored by connecting crosses from the left side with shots in both the 33rd and 38th minutes of the first half.

In the extra time of the first half, he also gave assist to the clinical association’s goal. The clinical association took a pass from Ilyushchenko and shot, which Ilyushchenko tried to continue with the shot. At first, it seemed to be Ilyushchenko’s goal, but Ilyushchenko’s record turned into a assist as the clinical association’s shot went straight into the goal.

In addition to scoring goals, Ilyushchenko led Seoul’s offense by displaying linked plays based on ballkeeping capabilities and competition for aerial ball games. Ilyushchenko often created space for his teammates through wide range of movements. Ilyushchenko was replaced by Dongjin Park in the second half, and the game ended with applause from his fans.

“It was a perfect match. Especially in the first half, I did everything I prepared. I scored four goals quickly to lead the game. However, I was dragged out after 15 minutes of the second half due to lack of maintenance. Despite this, I finished the game well. I proved my qualification to win three points,” Ilyushchenko said. “This was the best game since I came to Seoul.”

Ilyushchenko said he had no regrets about the hat trick. Ilyushchenko said, “I thought there would be more space in the second half. I wanted to score another point or give an assist, but I had no disappointment about replacement. There are matches right now on the weekend and there will be many more matches to come. Above all, Dongjin Park players also work hard and train hard. They are qualified to play. I am very happy for Dong-jin as well.”

Ilyushchenko joined the K-League in mid-2019 when he was wearing a Pohang Steelers uniform. Then Pohang’s coach is now Kim Ki-dong, who is leading Seoul. Ilyushchenko showed his potential by scoring nine goals in the first season and 19 goals in the league the following season. He has established himself as the league’s best offensive duo along with Palosevic, who is currently playing in Seoul.

Ilyushchenko then moved to Jeonbuk Hyundai and headed to Seoul in the middle of the 2022 season. However, he had a lot of regrets in Seoul. Seven goals in the 2022 season and five goals in the last season. Along with his scoring ability, his impact on the game has diminished.

This season was not Ilyushchenko as he was in Pohang until Sunday’s game. Ilyushchenko had difficulty recovering his condition as he failed to play in the first training camp due to injury. The only goal he scored was penalty kick (PK) against Jeju United, but he finally exploded and gave his team victory.

Kim said he had a video meeting with Ilyuchenko before the game against Gimcheon. “I watched videos with Ilyuchenko and Palosevic that I did well in Pohang together. During Pohang, I moved a lot from side to side as I took a lot of activities, but in Seoul, I only stayed at the center. We talked about this together,” Kim said.

Ilyushchenko also said, “When I watch videos that I did well in the past, I feel positive. The meeting was very helpful to today’s game.” He also talked about his compatibility with Kim. Ilyushchenko said, “The direction and style that the coach pursues are 99 percent the same as soccer that I can play. I understand the coach’s demands well, so I am playing with more confidence.” 고수익알바

Kim shared a behind-the-scenes story about Ilyushchenko’s PK score against Jeju Island, where he scored his first goal of the season. “At the time, (Kang) Sang-woo wanted to kick it, but (Ki) Sung-yong said to him, ‘We need Ilyushchenko to live.’ I agree.”