3 April 2024

“It’s the heaviest seat”… 8 Criteria for Appointment of Next National Team Coach ‘Degraded’ Compared to Bento’s Time

By pestfood.com

Even though more time has passed, the standards have rather deteriorated compared to the past. It determines the heaviest position in Korean soccer, and it is questionable whether the current process can secure a clear direction.

At 3 p.m. on the 2nd, the 5th briefing of the Korea Football Association (KFA) was held at the soccer hall located in Sinmun-ro, Seoul. The briefing of Jung Hae-sung, chairman of the KFA’s power enhancement committee, was delayed by more than 10 minutes from the original. Jeong Hae-sung, chairman of the power enhancement committee, announced the progress related to the appointment of the head coach of the Korean men’s national soccer team through a 10-minute briefing.

Chairman Chung Hae-sung told the story of the appointment criteria again after being asked by on-site reporters. Previously, the requirements were explained by the Power Reinforcement Committee, but there were no small voices that it was ambiguous.

Chairman Chung Hae-sung said, “I will fully convey the part about the technology philosophy that we take from the KFA to the coaches who have been targeted, and choose the most suitable coach by listening to the answer. (Please tell me your philosophy in detail.) There are eight things that we are asking for. I will also clearly grasp the philosophy of soccer that I have and the preparation for the Korean atmosphere.”

Chairman Jung Hae-sung replied somewhat vaguely. Anyway, it seemed clear that he would take the eight conditions that had been established. Even if I don’t have to say it, it seemed that the understanding of Korea was added. Related questions continue to be asked because there seems to be a lack of clear regulations on philosophy. Also, the appointment of coach Jurgen Klinsmann just before was a problem. Criticism continued that the KFA did not establish a clear procedure at the time. As a result, Korea had a nightmare of about a year with coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

The criteria proposed by the Power Enhancement Committee for the appointment of the next Korean men’s national team coach are as follows.

  1. Tactical competence: Planning and executing a game plan that fits your squad
  2. Fostering: Addressing Vulnerable Positions
  3. Justification: Achievement as a leader
  4. Experience: Competition experience as a leader
  5. Communication: Discuss technical philosophy with athletes and associations
  6. Leadership: Leadership with generational orientation
  7. Coaching staff: The best human system for the coach to decide
  8. Based on these qualities, will you be able to achieve results

And understanding of Korea 밤알바

There seems to be a lack of detail. It is lengthy but simple. There is also a reason why it is seen as more so. This is compared to when Paulo Bento was appointed. At that time, KFA selected Kim Pan-gon, head of the selection committee for the national team’s coach, by thoroughly establishing standards and procedures. The build-up was carried out “properly” from the process of appointing a coach, not from the ground up. The conditions that Kim Pan-gon suggested at the time of selecting Paulo Bento were as follows.