3 April 2024

Chukhyeop, again, says ‘getting the coach out of the season’ and says ‘communication-honorary’… Juan Muzzi as it is

By pestfood.com

With the number of candidates for the Korean national soccer team narrowed down to 4 in Korea and 7 in foreigners, a total of 11, according to the briefing, the possibility of an incumbent K-League coach appointing a national team head coach cannot be ruled out.

The Korea Football Association, which had already appealed to the possibility of removing a coach from the K-League but resigned after facing backlash, has again revealed its wicked face. Although the association says, “If we invite a professional team coach during the season, we will have sufficient communication in advance,” it is doubtful whether such communication is possible in common sense. Emphasizing the honor of a national team coach at this juncture sounds like a threat.

Jeong Hae-sung, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s power enhancement committee, held a briefing on the appointment of the national soccer team coach at the soccer hall located in Sinmun-ro, Seoul, at around 3:20 p.m. on Tuesday. It is about the official coach who will coach Hwang Sun-hong from the A-match in June after his term as interim coach ends.

Chairman Chung said, “Since the appointment of Hwang Sun-hong in February, discussions on formal supervision have continued. At the time of the fourth meeting on March 12, more than 20 candidates and additional candidates were added, and 32 candidates were discussed after review by the subcommittee. In the fifth round of talks, which lasted for three hours, 11 candidates were selected as final candidates. There are four Koreans and seven foreigners, and non-face-to-face interviews with foreign coaches and analysis of matches will be conducted first. The meeting with domestic leaders will take place immediately after this process. This is to first look at foreign directors who are relatively short of data. Through in-depth interviews, he said, “I will appoint an official supervisor by early to mid-May.”

Chairman Chung said, “Domestic coaches who are in the process of the league or are on the national team by age will be on the list.” The Korea Football Association already hinted at the possibility of appointing a K-League coach ahead of the season’s opening in February, but stepped back due to the appointment of interim coach Hwang Sun-hong in response to opposition from many clubs and fans. Nevertheless, there is a good chance that the coach, who is currently working in the field at the appointment in May, will be brought from his current team.

Chung responded by saying, “The national team coach is a very honorable position. Of course, it would be difficult for the club if the coach leaves the team in the middle of the season, but if that happens, the KFA will first communicate with the club to protect the manners of the fans.”

After the replacement of former national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, the formation of the Power Reinforcement Committee was decided through the Korea Football Association’s executive meeting on February 20, and even before the executive meeting, the media reported that Jung Hae-sung, chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, would be appointed as an official coach rather than an interim coach. At the same time, the names of incumbent K-League team coaches, including Ulsan HD coach Hong Myung-bo, Kim Ki-dong, Jeju’s Kim Hak-beom, and Gwangju’s Lee Jung-hyo, were mentioned.

Both the coach and the team were embarrassed as the name was mentioned not immediately after the end of the season, but at the time when the opening of the season was just around the corner after sweating profusely. The coaches, who met at the opening media day of the K League on Feb. 26, mainly responded that they felt uncomfortable being mentioned as a candidate for temporary coach and thought it was not polite to the club and fans. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said honestly, “I don’t know anything about the national team, but I was very uncomfortable because my name was constantly mentioned.” Fans of each club, who were excited about the opening of the K League, also protested against the danger of losing their coach overnight.

Then, at the second meeting, the Korea Football Association’s Power Reinforcement Committee changed its direction to play the March A match under the interim head coach system, and at the third meeting, Hwang Sun-hong, the Olympic team coach, also announced that he would serve as interim coach for two A matches. 고수익알바

The Korea Football Association, however, says there is a possibility that an incumbent coach of the K-League will be appointed during the season even after the February incident. In the K-League, which starts its season in March, April and May are periods to maximize the physical conditions players have developed since the winter training camp. In particular, each team will play six to seven games in May. Due to the large number of games played, performance during this period will have a significant impact on the ranking.