28 March 2024

Kim Min-jae’s ‘Racism Case → Not Guilty’… The victim said, “My fault, bad precedent for dealing with it as a gentleman.”

By pestfood.com

João Jesús has expressed anger at the ruling on the racism case.

There was a racist incident in the game between Inter Milan and Napoli. It was said that Inter Milan center back Francesco Acerbi committed racist words and actions against Napoli defender Jesus. Attention was focused on whether Acerbi would be disciplined. If disciplinary action was confirmed, Acerbi could not play this season at all and was likely to be released from Inter Milan.

It was also the reason why Kim Min-jae and Inter Milan were connected. “If Acerbi is convicted of racism, there will be no future in Inter Milan,” Italy’s “Tutosport” said on the 23rd (Korean time). Attention is focusing on whether Acerbi will be suspended. “If it is confirmed that he used racist language to Jesus, he will not be able to play for at least 10 games.”

“If he is suspended for 10 games, then he is out for the season. Currently, Inter Milan have only nine matches left in the league. He will not be able to play early next season. In this case, Inter Milan will do its best to let him go. There has been no tolerance for this issue since Chairman Masimo Morati took office. Racism is a serious incident that can undermine trust among players in the locker room. If found guilty, then he would not be an Inter Milan player.”

There was a claim that Acerbi was sent out and Kim Min-jae was hired on loan, but the result was a not guilty verdict. Daniele Marie, a reporter covering the Inter Milan news, said, “We noted that the discriminatory content was limited to the victim’s testimony without any direct or indirect basis for the situation. Considering that the minimum rationality was not reached, Acerbi did not take disciplinary action because he judged that the rule was not violated.”

Jesus, the victim, was furious in public. In an official statement on Friday, Jesus said, “I have read several articles saying that there was no evidence that I was a victim of racism. While respecting my judgment, I find it difficult to understand and bitter. I handled the situation as a gentleman for the audience without interfering with important games. I wish I could have been respected and set an example for acting like myself, but this was a mistake,” he said.

“I don’t think this decision will protect people in a similar environment to me and eliminate the problem of racism. 고소득알바 There was definitely evidence of racism, and to say no to it makes me feel that I’m not protected. I don’t understand how it was aggressive and non-discriminatory to say, ‘Black people go, you’re just black’ when I dealt with it in good faith,” he said.

“There was a commotion in the game, and Acerbi needed to apologize. The referee notified the video recording booth of the incident, and the game was suspended for more than a minute, and Inter Milan players rushed to talk to me. Acerbi did not deny it right after the game, but he did so after joining the Italian national team. “I did not expect it to end like this. It will remain a bad precedent. It is scary. I sincerely hope this tragic incident will help us reflect on the serious problems facing the soccer community,” Acerbi said.