28 March 2024

Kim Min-jae knows the situation better than anyone else… “If you don’t play a little bit, you will transfer.” → “I didn’t say anything, but rumors are everywhere.”

By pestfood.com

He seems to sympathize more because he was in the same situation.

Florian Flettenberg, a reporter for Germany’s Sky Sports, said in an interview with Matthijs de Licht on Wednesday (Korea time). De Licht has emerged as a key player for Bayern Munich and returned to the Dutch national team. De Licht will play for Dortmund and Der Clasiker on March 31.

De Ligt said his thoughts on the rumor of Kim Min-jae’s transfer. Kim Min-jae stayed on the bench in Munich after being pushed by De Ligt and Eric Dier. When he became the bench in the starting line-up, rumors of a transfer emerged. It was connected to Manchester United, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid. There were rumors of a transfer with Inter Milan, and there were rumors that Kim Min-jae was dissatisfied with his life in Munich.

It was similar to De Ligt’s situation a few months ago. De Ligt has suffered frequent injuries this season and started many matches with Kim Min-jae joining the team. As his position in Munich became ambiguous, rumors spread that he would move. There were reports that Manchester United and Barcelona would try to recruit De Ligt, and there were news that he might leave, as he hates life in Munich.

De Ligt regained his footing amid rumors of a transfer and became a key player. In an interview after calling up the Dutch national team, De Ligt said, “If I can’t play, the media report that I’m not happy in Munich and want a transfer. Of course, I want to play, but I didn’t complain because I can’t. I am having a great time in Munich.”

Regarding the same situation, Kim Min-jae and Dayo Upamecano said, “They didn’t say anything, but there are words everywhere that other clubs want them.” Rumors have no basis.

Regarding his situation, he also said, “Do you have any thoughts of leaving Munich in the summer? No, I don’t. I am very happy in Munich and am loved by my club and fans. I feel very good. I am happy and happy. We can have good games again this season and go high in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). You can see that by watching Kim Min-jae and Upamecano.” 퀸알바

“I believe we can win the Bundesliga championship. Of course, we are 10 points behind Leverkusen, but we need to keep our eyes on ourselves as we win every match,” he added. When asked about his commitment to Der Clasico, he replied, “It’s an important game and Dortmund is a great team. I look forward to winning and moving forward.”