26 March 2024

Ohtani, who first appeared on “Itpay Shock,” said, “Sad and shocked.. I’ve never gambled and had no idea.”

By pestfood.com

Ohtani finally opened his mouth.

The Athletic reported on March 26 (Korea Standard Time) that Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers held a press conference on illegal sports gambling.

Ohtani faced a major controversy at the Seoul Series last week. They say that interpreter Mizuhara Ifei, who has been by his side since he entered the Major League, dabbled in illegal sports gambling and even stole his own money. Controversy erupted in the U.S. mainland after the opening game ended, and the Dodgers fired Ifei at Gocheok Dome in Seoul.

While investigating illegal sports gamblers, Ohtani’s name was revealed. As far as it is known, Itpay dabbled in gambling and stole Ohtani’s money to raise funds for gambling. The gambler said he had no contact with Ohtani himself. Itpay initially claimed that Ohtani knew about his gambling debt and paid it back for him, but later changed his words to say that he knew nothing about the gambling. Ohtani, known to have stolen by Itpay, has at least 4.5 million dollars.

“I was sad and shocked,” Ohtani told a news conference on Wednesday. He claimed he had no idea about the gambling scandal involving Ipay. The Athletic reported that Ohtani, who stood in front of the media for the first time since the Ipay incident, held a news conference for about 10 minutes but did not take questions.

According to The Athletic, Ohtani attended the press conference along with his new interpreter, Will Ayerton. “I have never bet on any sport, not just baseball, and I have never asked anyone to do it for me. I have never contacted a gambler to bet on a sport,” Ohtani said.

“I was very shocked. It’s hard to put into words how I feel right now,” Ohtani said. “Before the team meeting, I didn’t even know Ipay had gambled or was in debt. At the meeting, Ipay spoke in English at the clubhouse and that’s when I started to feel something was wrong.” 퀸알바

“It was absolutely ridiculous. I contacted my agents right away,” Ohtani said after questioning Ipay separately. He was unaware of the money that had flowed to the gambler under his name.

Otani claims that he has no knowledge of the gambling scandal, and Ifei’s claim and the gambler’s claim are identical. However, there was a case in which money flowed to the gambler in Otani’s name, and Ifei’s initial claim was that “Otani knew everything about it and paid back his debt.” The investigation cannot be avoided at all. The Major League Baseball secretariat said that it will set up an investigation team to investigate not only Ifei but also Otani. The U.S. National Tax Service has launched an investigation into Ifei, and it is highly likely that an investigation into Otani will take place