23 March 2024

Kim Eun-joong’s ‘Sharp’ leadership of ‘Shoop’, ‘Suwon, ‘3G undefeated’ at the theater goal restaurant

By pestfood.com

“Sharp ball that doesn’t lose.” Suwon FC, led by Kim Eun-joong, continues to do well at the beginning of the season.

Suwon FC has been unbeaten with one win and two draws (five points) in three matches since the opening of the K League 1 this season. This is the best performance since joining the K League 1 as the “unbeaten” team with leading Ulsan Hyundai (2 wins and one draw).

Lee Seung-woo’s penalty kick theater goal scored his first 1-0 victory in the second half after defending Incheon’s wave of offensives in an away match against Incheon on Tuesday. In the home opener against Jeonbuk on Tuesday, the team tied the match 1-1 despite 11-10 numerical advantage while Jeonbuk was in rotation. Lee Seung-woo scored a goal for the second consecutive game. In the second half of the away match against Daegu, when the team was losing 0-1, Jeong Jae-min, a freshman born in 2001, scored his K-League 1 debut goal, which made it a dramatic draw with a 1-1 draw. The team did not lose against Final A last season, Incheon, Jeonbuk, and Daegu. Out of the three games, the team scored theater goals. He did not lose more than one goal and did not give up. The teams with the most goals scored (76 goals) have changed. “We are only playing three games now,” Kim said, but the change brought about by the leadership of Sharpball is clear.

Notably, the scene where Jeong Jae-min scored his debut goal in Daegu, the “grave of expedition,” which was written by Kim’s trust, is quite symbolic. Even when the team was losing 0-1 in the second half of the match against Daegu, Kim said he did not think he would lose. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Jeong Jae-min was deployed to throw a two-top shot against Monreal. The operation of the twin tower was on point. Immediately after Yoon Bit-garam’s shot was played, Jeong scored a goal in desperation. Jeong said, “Kim, the coach of the Under-20 World Cup semi-finals, has been keeping an eye on this player since he was a student at Sungkyunkwan University. He had five goals and one assist in 27 games in Ansan, the K-League 2 last season. Kim brought the player in right after taking the helm of Suwon. “I changed into a striker while playing as a center back in college, and I wanted to play with him someday in Ansan because of my good form,” he said. “He is tall, has a good heading run, and a good attitude. He still lacks many things, but he reminds me of Kim Shin-wook, a player who continues to grow.”
Strong veterans are standing behind the rookies’ strides. “The captain (Lee) has so much experience. As the veteran player who was born in 1986 maintains good performance even though he played full time, young players are forced to keep up. Our team’s strength is sincere veterans such as Lee Yong, Yoon Bit-garam, Kwon Kyung-won and Ji Dong-won. 유흥알바 Thanks to their exemplary performances, the early game is going well,” Kim said.

Yoon Bit-garam won the Rookie of the Year award when Kim was named the 2010 K-League MVP. Ji Dong-won also competed for the Rookie of the Year award with his best performance in Jeonnam. Ace players in their early 30s who were born in the 1990s are playing a significant role in Sharp Bowl led by Legend, who once shared the ground together. “They are capable of respecting each other and doing everything responsibly as long as they send trust,” Kim said.

Regarding the withdrawal of “Suwon Star” Lee Seung-woo from the A-team after scoring goals in two consecutive matches since the opening of the season, Kim did not spare any encouragement. “I also had high expectations. However, the World Cup qualifying round is just beginning, and close proximity to the team is a matter of when to go. If you show good performance in your team as you are now, and work hard, you will have a chance,” he said.