20 March 2024

Joo Min-kyu, the “super killer” who took the opportunity, looks at his A-match debut and debut goal, “Making Two Rabbits.”

By pestfood.com

Joo Min-kyu (34) of the Ulsan HD, the “super killer” of the K-League, has finally had a chance. He has now achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a national flag and is aiming to make his A-match debut and debut goal at the same time.
The national soccer team, led by interim coach Hwang Sun-hong, began training at Goyang Stadium on the 18th ahead of the two consecutive Asian qualifiers against Thailand for the 2026 North-China World Cup (Seoul on the 21st and Bangkok on the 26th). It is an opportunity for Korean soccer, which has been embroiled in all kinds of scandals, including the “table tennis gate” that led to the clash between captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), and card gambling with the administrative staff of the Korea Football Association and some players.

While everyone in “Hwang Sun-hong-ho” has vowed to make all-out efforts, Joo Min-kyu, the “oldest youngest” in the national team, is definitely drawing attention. This is because he has risen to this position with indomitable will even though he has not been able to go through the national team by age and has not been able to take the elite course.

Joo’s soccer career is dramatic. He played as a central midfielder until he was an amateur, but failed to receive a designation as a professional team due to his lack of distinction. As a trainee, he joined K League 2 Goyang Hi FC and managed to enter the professional league. However, he never gave up. After joining Seoul E-Land in 2015, he switched his position to become a striker. In his first season as a goaltender, he ranked second (23 goals) in the K League 2, and became the top scorer with 22 goals at Jeju United in the 2021 season. In 2022, he tied with Cho Kyu-sung (then Jeonbuk Hyundai and now Mitwillan) with 17 goals, but unfortunately failed to become the top scorer for the second consecutive year due to the long playing time. He then regained the top scorer with 17 goals in the 2023 season when he returned to Ulsan. 룸알바

This was highly appreciated by Hwang. Unlike Paulo Bento (Portugal) and Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), the interim coach did not turn a blind eye to Joo. “No striker has scored more than 50 goals (56 goals, 10 assists) over the past three years,” he said, presenting Joo to join the national team at the age of 333 days.
There is a strong possibility that Joo will join the team even if it is to change the mood. Korea needs to overcome competition with Cho, but now the national team also needs a fresh change. Even Thailand might be much more afraid of an undisclosed striker. “He is committed to playing hard with determination,” said Joo.