18 March 2024

This time, the theater goal + 3 matches were undefeated… Suwon FC, ‘Sharp Ball’ is calm and bold like a ‘novice’ coach

By pestfood.com

Kim Eun-joong, head coach of “Sharp Ball” Suwon FC, is leading the team in a way that is not like a “novice” coach.

Led by head coach Kim, Suwon FC secured a 1-1 draw against Daegu FC in the third round of the “Hana Bank K League 1 2024” held at DGB Daegu Bank Park on Sunday. Suwon FC (score point 5) has one win and two draws in three matches, and has yet to lose even one.

Kim took the helm of Suwon FC ahead of the upcoming season. It is the first time that Kim, who served as a member of the U-20 national team, is leading a professional team. However, Kim is leading an impressive move early in the season with his calm and boldness, which is not like a “novice” coach.

Suwon FC secured three points through Lee Seung-woo’s penalty kick just before the game ended in the opening match against Incheon United (1-0 win). At the match against Daegu, the team was dragged throughout the game after losing a point in the 24th minute of the first half, but secured one point as Chung Jae-min scored a dramatic equalizer in the second half. This means that the team has gained strong stick and strong strength that will not collapse.

Winning the tie game and drawing the quality game is one of the conditions of the strong team. Suwon FC is difficult to classify as a strong team, but it is meaningful to be reborn as a team that does not lose. This is because Suwon FC was also the team with the most runs last season, and it often collapsed at once after losing points. The crackdown on the back door around veteran defenders such as Kwon Kyung-won and Choi Kyu-baek is working.

Kim, a former striker, is enjoying benefits by making bold changes in offensive resources. In the match against Jeonbuk Hyundai (1-1 draw), Lee Seung-woo, who replaced him in the second half, scored a goal just one minute into the match. Jeong Jae-min, who scored against Daegu, also scored a valuable goal in just about 10 minutes after the match. He thus perfectly rewarded Kim’s trust. 룸알바

In particular, Jung Jae-min played for the Ansan Greeners in the K-League 2 (second division) last season, and Kim brought in the team after seeing the possibility. This is the first time he has played in the K-League 1. Although he is mainly playing as a “joker” in the second half, he is doing his part.

Suwon FC has raised concerns by making drastic changes ahead of the upcoming season. Indeed, the team has become stable after opening the lid. Although it has only played three games, Kim is dispelling external concerns and concerns on his own.