18 March 2024

Director Kim Ki-dong of ‘Gidong Magic’, bitter words to Lingard, “No fuss!”

By pestfood.com

Kim Ki-dong (FC Seoul) director of “Gidong Magic” gave a cold evaluation of Jesse Lingard.

FC Seoul won 2-0 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 16th with consecutive goals from Ilyuchenko and Ki Sung-yong in a home game against Jeju United in the third round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024.

With the victory, Seoul won its first match of the season. The team scored its second goal after the first, and is ready to turn the mood around.

Seoul, which won the match, showed off aggressive soccer, unlike its matches against Gwangju and Incheon. Seoul put pressure on its opponent by playing a fast tempo game.

In the end, Seoul scored two goals in the first half with Ilyulchenko’s penalty kick and Ki Sung-yueng’s explosive mid-range shot.

However, in the second half, the team struggled under pressure from Jeju. It failed to overwhelm the tempo, and even gave a counterattack to Jeju. However, Seoul ended the game without losing a point on the day, and secured its first win of the season.

2,9536 people entered the stadium on the day. Still drawing keen attention. Jesse Lingard, who is drawing keen attention, was substituted in the second half. However, he failed to produce any results.

Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong said after the game, “I thought about removing Lingard.”

When asked again, he said, “Didn’t you see the game?” and added, “You shouldn’t run around more than a 90-minute player. If you pay for your name, you can bring retired famous players to play.”

“If I play worse and worse than a player who played for 90 minutes, I don’t think that’s a soccer player,” Kim said. “I think I need to be more accurate. However, he should not play like that.”

Lingard failed to score a shot after being replaced in the 12th minute of the second half. He led the opponent’s own goal with a sharp pass in the second half with a sensational pass. However, the goal was not scored due to an offside decision. In particular, he did not seem to have completely melted into the team.

However, Kim Ki-dong stressed that he would not only make a cold evaluation but also make him a Seoul player. 노래방알바

Coach Kim said of Lingard, “I will change that habit and incorporate it into our team.”

Of course, captain Ki Sung-yueng said of Lingard, “The coach will be dissatisfied like today, but if I take good care of and take good care of him in the team as well, he will definitely show a good performance because he has what he has. Of course, his own efforts are important. If the weather gets warmer and the team has room in the stadium, I’m sure he will show good performance.”