15 March 2024

Controversy over the card game of ‘hanging chips’ at the table tennis gate… Korean soccer is falling endlessly

By pestfood.com

This time, the card game is controversial.

Negligence of management of the Korea Football Association (KFA) and lax discipline of the national team have come under fire again. Following the internal strife of the national team, including Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) during the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, it was confirmed that the players and KFA employee A played a card game with casino chips during the training period.

Another KFA employee, B, played table tennis with the players in and out of the national team’s lodging during the tournament, and a high-ranking KFA official reportedly ignored the reports.

To sum up the coverage of this newspaper on the 14th, some players of the national team and a KFA employee A played a card game in the lounge of the national team’s lodging while the national team was training in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ahead of the Qatar Asian Cup in January. A took the chip himself from Korea, and set a cash amount for each chip to play the card game. In fact, money was exchanged. It is known that the card game was played until late at night.

The problem is that the lounge is a space that only players can use. A KFA employee visited the lounge and played a card game in violation of internal guidelines to minimize contact with the players. The KFA, which found out this fact, also stipulated that it was an inappropriate behavior. A, who played the role of de facto general manager at the Asian Cup, has been relieved of his position through the HR committee last month.

Mr. A is not the only one who violated internal policy and unnecessarily contacted the players. Another employee, Mr. B, went in and out of the team’s accommodation throughout the tournament. Even though he was dispatched to a role that requires virtually no contact with the players, he hung out with the players, such as playing table tennis. He was also reported to have been at the scene at the time of the Ping-Pong Gate incident. In other words, KFA employees were not managed at all during the tournament.

Related matters were reported to a high-ranking KFA official during the tournament. However, he reportedly ignored the request instead of immediately responding. The KFA dismissed the A after learning about the controversy after the Asian Cup. B is currently in charge of other duties related to the national team, not the A team. The KFA plans to hold a personnel committee soon and begin disciplinary proceedings against the A.

However, voices are heard even within the KFA that a thorough fact-finding investigation and inspection of the internal system are needed, rather than cutting and ending the tail due to disciplinary action against A.

The KFA says that card games were not played during the Asian Cup. However, it is reasonable to suspect that card games would have continued during the Asian Cup if the chips were taken from Korea. If the card game was played continuously, it could be defined as gambling beyond temporary entertainment. In this case, not only the A but also the national team players who hung out with him cannot be free from responsibility. 고소득알바

It is also necessary to thoroughly check and reflect on how cases of violating internal policies were repeated and why they did not respond even after realizing the facts. A KFA official said, “As an employee, I am saddened by the constant controversy. There is a lot of backbiting among employees about this incident. If we fail to organize it clearly, the organization itself will be shaken beyond the repetition of the problem.”