14 March 2024

ACL was eliminated after losing four draws and one loss in five games… It’s time to show the colors and results of Petrescu’s system

By pestfood.com

However, Petrescu’s color and results should now be shown.

Jeonbuk lost 0-1 against Ulsan HD in the second leg of the AFC Champions League quarterfinals at Ulsan Munsu Stadium in the 2023-2024 season. Jeonbuk’s ACL march has stopped, and a red light has been turned on to secure its right to participate in the Club World Cup.

Furthermore, Jeonbuk has garnered no win in five matches it played since its 2-0 win in the first leg of the ALC’s round of 16. The team has shown sluggish performance with four draws and one loss. It has recorded only two draws in two K-League matches. Petrescu took the helm of Jeonbuk in June last year, succeeding Kim Sang-sik.

Petrescu displayed a rather straightforward style of soccer after taking the helm. Jeonbuk seemed to have succeeded in rebounding for a while, but had no win in 10 years. The league ranked fourth and lost in the final of the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup. As it was the first time this season to lead a team from the opening, Petrescu seemed to have a chance to see his distinctive color.

Furthermore, Jeonbuk has been busy in the transfer market. It has successfully strengthened its power in all positions including Thiago, Hernandez, Kim Tae-hwan, and Lee Jae-ik. Expectations were high for the team. However, the team has yet to display any significant offense in the early days of this season.

Petrescu prefers to play soccer that is thick and rather straightforward. However, there have been scenes where he crosses from the sides repeatedly, rather than engaging in meaningful offensive operations early in the season. In the match against Ulsan in the second half, he attempted to take advantage of the right to provide by elevating tall defender Petra Sek to the front line at the end of the second half. However, it was fruitless. Rather, there was a scene where his movements overlapped with those of the front line striker Thiago. 고소득알바

After the match against Ulsan, Petrescu said, “I made a process but failed to produce a result. I don’t have enough goals this season compared to the chances I created.”

It has been almost a year since Petrescu took the helm. Now, Petrescu’s own “color” should be clear. At the same time, it should bring results. Jeonbuk is still a team that invests a lot in the K-League and has high expectations. Still, Jeonbuk’s appearance is unfamiliar. Jeonbuk has brought Petrescu coach with a considerable annual salary. Petrescu also has to prove his own color and results.