13 March 2024

Son Heung-min, PL Secretariat-BBC-Tottenham fans, who always do the basic weird thing, are all acknowledged… ‘There’s nothing wrong with getting caught’

By pestfood.com

There was a baptism of recognition toward Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), who can’t do anything.

Son Heung-min scored one goal and two assists in the 28th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League (PL) away to Aston Villa at Villa Park in Birmingham, England, on the afternoon of the 10th (Korea time).

Tottenham struggled with Villa’s defense, with Tottenham having one effective shot in the first half. However, starting with the strong forward pressure of “nail” Son Heung-min at the start of the second half, everyone rose up and shook the Villa defense.

In the process, James Maddison’s first goal, aided by Pape Sarr, was scored within five minutes. Three minutes later, Son Heung-min saw Brennan Johnson’s penetration and passed exactly to score an additional goal.

Tottenham accelerated its attack further after John McGinn was sent off for a rough foul by Destiny Udogi. As Villa operated the game based on counterattacks due to its numerical inferiority, Tottenham did not keep it and sought an additional goal opportunity. In the end, Son Heung-min did not miss the help of Dejan Klusevski in the extra time and scored his 14th goal in the league.

Tottenham, which did not stay here, ended its landslide victory with Son Heung-min helping Timo Werner score a goal again. With 14 goals and eight assists, Son recorded double-digit attack points for eight consecutive seasons starting in the 2016-17 season. He rose to fourth place in the scoring category. The team is four goals shy of first-ranked Jelling Holland (18 goals), second-ranked Ollie Watkins (16 goals) and one goal shy of third-ranked Mohamed Salah (15 goals).

Tottenham also gave positive energy to Tottenham’s ranking battle. With 16 wins, five draws and six losses and 53 points, Tottenham maintained its fifth place in the UEFA Europa League next season. It had a six-point deficit with Manchester United (47 points), ranking sixth.

On the contrary, Chelsea is two points closer to fourth-ranked Villa (55 points), the Maginot Line that will advance to the Champions League next season. As Chelsea advanced to the final of the League Cup, the team gained strength to continue its ranking battle without playing one more game.

Above all, the four-goal victory also affected the overall difference. Tottenham had 59 points and 39 points, two more goals ahead of Villa who had 59 points and 41 points. Son’s three goals were quite nutritious given that a tie would give priority to the difference in the ranking competition.

Manchester City (53 points), Liverpool (64 points, +39 points), and Arsenal (64 points, +46 points), both ranked third and second, are 10 to 11 points apart from each other. Of course, it is not known what will happen with 11 games left, but considering the stability of the three teams, Tottenham’s come-from-behind victory requires a miracle.

For Tottenham, which has to focus only on the league, captain Son Heung-min seems to need more leadership that unites the team. On this day, Son recorded help from Johnson, who expected development potential. Son Heung-min, who scored a goal with help from Johnson in the previous match against Palace, has rewarded it.

At the match against Brighton Hove Albion in round 25, Son returned from the Asian Cup in Qatar and played as a substitute. Johnson’s theatrical goal was also scored by Son’s sharp pass through the ground. Considering that he was also a helper for Son’s goal in the match against Palace in round 10, it is like telling us that our breathing is getting better and better. The captain’s guidance is a great help to the freshman Johnson’s quick adaptation. 유흥알바

Son Heung-min is also a loanee, but he is also contributing to Werner’s increased confidence. It is the second goal in two consecutive games following the match against Palace. In fact, he played as a substitute to secure his victory, but he did not let him play. Son helped Werner score the goal with accurate passes. It is Son and Werner who are building more internal intimacy by demonstrating their communication skills in German.