8 March 2024

Seoul, which Kang Sang-woo embraces as ‘totally’…as a side resource ‘hyper-saturated’ traffic control task

By pestfood.com

FC Seoul’s task with Kang Sang-woo (31) is to organize side resource transportation, which is “hyper-saturated.”

The Seoul team successfully recruited “multi-player” Kang Sang-woo in a surprise move on Wednesday, a day before the deadline for registration in the K-League. Kang, who left for Beijing Guoan (China) after playing the opening game of the 2022 season as a member of the Pohang Steelers, returned to the K-League in two years. He is reunited with manager Kim Ki-dong.

Kang’s main position is as a side defender. He is right-footed, but also uses his left foot well. He can play both sides well. During his time at Pohang, he also served as a side striker. He is a versatile resource, as he also plays as an attacking midfielder in Beijing. However, given the current Seoul squad, he is highly likely to play as a side defender.

Seoul needs to manage traffic in resources on the sides. Kim deployed Kim Jin-ya and Dongjin Park as side defenders in the opening match against Gwangju FC (0-2 loss). In the second half, he replaced Dongjin Park with Lee Tae-seok. Dongjin Park’s main position is as a striker, but Kim experimented with him as a side defender during the off-season training.

Seoul also has Lee Si-young as its side defenders and Choi Jun, who joined the team this season. There are five players who can play on the right side. Lee and Choi did not even make the roster for the opening match. Kang Sang-woo will be added to this. Kim Jin-ya can also play as a side striker, but considering the depth of attack on Seoul, it is not easy to get a chance to play.

In July, Yoon Jong-kyu, a former national team side defender, will be discharged. Yoon Jong-kyu was frequently listed as a right side defender for the national team under Paulo Bento. He also went to the 2022 Qatar World Cup. When he returns to Seoul, he is the main agent right away. 룸알바

Not only that, but there are also many side strikers. Willian and Lingard, as well as Kim Kyung-min, Kang Sung-jin, Lim Sang-hyup and Cho Young-wook, are on standby. Some players may be considered to rent, but the deadline for the K-League registration period is just around the corner. It is not an easy situation.

Kang is one of the resources that best understands Kim’s soccer. As such, Seoul’s lateral competition will inevitably intensify due to Kang’s joining. Kim’s concerns and Seoul’s traffic control calculation method are expected to become complicated.