6 March 2024

“I can’t believe it’s like that with a number…” “Legend” who was amazed by the performance of the next superstar. “I just want to praise you.”

By pestfood.com

Legendary Thierry Henry praised Jude Bellingham.

Henri is a legend of Arsenal and the French national team. After impressing Arsenal, Henri moved to Barcelona to relieve his difficulties of winning the European Champions League. He gave a thumbs-up to Bellingham, who has recently been playing for Real Madrid.

“Jude Bellingham, I think, just want to pay tribute,” Henry said on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football on Wednesday. “He could have played comfortably in England. But the pressure to endure in Spain… the expectation… wearing Zinedine Zidane’s number five? And doing this? You’re doing well,” he said.

Bellingham left Dortmund to join Real Madrid ahead of this season. Bellingham, wearing the uniform No. 5 worn by legendary Zidane, has elevated Real Madrid to a higher level just as Zidane did. Bellingham, who is being used aggressively by coach Carlo Ancelotti, is showing off his incredible determination. He has 28 offensive points in 30 matches. The figure is amazing given that he is not a professional striker. He is comparable to Cristiano Ronaldo. 유흥알바

Bellingham is considered the next generation soccer emperor early on thanks to his performance. Bellingham is not only good at playing but also showing amazing personality off the field, showing impeccable performance. Analysts say that he has good looks and star quality. It is not unreasonable for Henri to raise his thumb at such Bellingham.