5 March 2024

Four-back Speeds Change… Anyang, Yoo Byung-hoon-style Budding Soccer Is ‘Enlightening’

By pestfood.com

FC Anyang coach Yoo Byung-hoon’s “Flower Bud” football has begun to bloom.

Coach Yoo has been assigned to Anyang this season. He is a leader who knows Anyang well enough to serve as a head coach from the 2021 season to the last season. When he was appointed as the head coach, he declared “flower bud” soccer. “As flowers gather and unfold, they gather and unfold faster than others in a game situation, which confuses the opponent,” he said.

Anyang won 2-0 in the opening match of “Hana Bank K League 2 2024” against Seongnam FC on the 1st. Coach Yoo boldly used four-back instead of the three-back he had used until last season. Baek Dong-gyu (Suwon Samsung), who had delayed renewing his contract with the club, overcame the unfavorable factor of leaving the team a week before the opening.

Captain Lee Chang-yong and new face Kim Young-chan worked together to lead the defensive line. The transfer goalkeeper Kim Da-sol also contributed to several saves and no runs in a situation where he suffered muscle spasms. Anyang is planning to bring in Ri Young-jik, a Korean-Japanese player from the North Korean national soccer team, to the position of the defender who Baek Dong-gyu left.

For starters, the team has accelerated its speed. It has equipped a defense line to block attacks from opponents and accelerated counterattacks with instantaneous passes and movements. Yoo Jeong-wan, who is good at speed, scored a goal in the first game. The newly recruited midfielder Matheus and striker Danrei also made successful debuts in the K-League. Danrei is a striker, but his forward pressure and movement in the penalty box stood out based on his robust performance.

Crack Yago, who is in his second year in Anyang, is still alive. He is not in sync yet, but if he continues to work together, he will likely emerge as a solid attack trio. As Anyang lost its Jonatan Moya due to drunk driving last season and was shaken by Andrigo’s transfer in the summer transfer market, his performance as a three-man foreign hitter is very important. 퀸알바

The frequency of offensive operations in the midfield has also increased. The team has also changed its direction of attack, which was straightforward. Managing the injury to midfielder Kim Jung-hyun, a key resource, will likely be key. Other players, including Park Jong-hyun, Hong Chang-beom and Han Ga-ram, should distribute Kim’s playing time well.

Anyang, which suffered a setback in the 2022 season’s promotion and playoff, failed to even take the playoff stage at sixth place due to unfavorable factors last season. It is the season now, but changes and positive factors are clearly visible.