4 March 2024

“You want to give it a try, right?” Liverpool vs Egypt vs Salah. The war of nerves is tight over the transfer issue

By pestfood.com

“Are you trying to fight?”

The atmosphere between Liverpool and the Egyptian Football Association (FA) in the English Premier League has cooled sharply. This is because there is a clear difference between the two over the issue of recruiting Mohamed Salah (32), Liverpool’s flagship striker and the undisputed ace of the Egyptian national soccer team. Conflict intensified as Egypt flatly rejected Liverpool’s official request.

British media Daily Star reported on the 4th (Korea time) that “Egypt’s FA rejected Liverpool’s request not to send Salah to the national team for his rest.” It’s as if the Korea Football Association rejected Tottenham’s request to exclude Son Heung-min from the national team because he needed time to recover from his injury. Of course, it’s not exactly the same case.

The biggest difference is that Salah went to the Egyptian national team and suffered a minor injury, leaving Liverpool with direct damage. Salah suffered a hamstring injury while playing for Egypt in the Africa Cup of Nations in January and February. At the time, Liverpool club immediately tried to bring Salah, but Egypt forced him to play in the Nations Cup. Eventually, Salah suffered damage afterwards.

Salah made his comeback against Brentford on Feb. 17, scoring one goal and one assist as he appeared to be showing solid performance. However, he has been sidelined since then by playing in four matches including the Carabao Cup against Chelsea. This is due to the aftermath of the injury he sustained for the Egypt national team.

For this reason, Liverpool officially requested Egypt to refrain from sending Salah to the national team in consideration of his important schedule in the future. According to the Express, Liverpool has already asked the EgyptFA not to select Salah for the friendly match against New Zealand scheduled for March 22. As the team is in the midst of a league championship battle towards the end of the season, Salah had to save his power. Notably, he is also scheduled to face off against Manchester City on the 11th.

However, Egypt rejected Liverpool’s request. “We have received a letter from Liverpool asking us to remove Salah from the upcoming national team call-up due to his injury,” Egypt said. “It is too early to make a decision. If Salah plays in any match before the national team schedule, he will stick to his position of being called out. He will be examined by the medical staff of the Egyptian national team and decide whether to play or not.” 핑크알바

Egypt said it would definitely send Salah to the national team if he plays in the match against Manchester City on the 11th. In fact, he turned down Liverpool’s request. From Liverpool’s point of view, the match against Manchester City cannot be missed. The team is competing for the top spot with only one point difference. If Salah falls out, we cannot guarantee a victory. However, if he uses Salah, he has to send it to the national team afterward. This is why Liverpool’s discontent is growing.