3 March 2024

He tried to make a turnaround in the face of defeat, but ‘out of power’ Lingard’s ‘question mark’ K-League debut

By pestfood.com

Jesse Lingard (Seoul), a foreign player who boasts the best career in the history of the K-League, made his debut. The situation was not good enough and the time was too short to show impressive performance.

Seoul had a complete defeat against Gwangju FC 0-2 in the first round of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Gwangju Football Stadium on Sunday. Lingard, who joined the Seoul national team amid much talk ahead of the new season, made his debut as a substitute in the opening match.

In his debut match in Seoul, Kim Ki-dong excluded Lingard from the starting list of the best 11 players, but included him in the waiting list. Until the match, Lingard was not a professional golfer. “At first, I didn’t plan on bringing Lingard (to Gwangju away). Recently, I had a meeting with Lingard and talked about his physical condition, but he said that the current level is 60-70 percent. I said, “I can’t play with that much condition,” and Lingard said, “I can play for a few minutes, if not 90 minutes.”

“I convinced Lingard, ‘I hope many fans don’t disappoint you because you have high expectations,'” Kim said. “Lingard said that he would like to accompany me even if I can’t play in the upcoming match, so I included him in the list.” He accompanied Lingard in an away match, but he also said that he had no plans to let him play. “I don’t want to include Lingard in the match at the moment. I have to watch the match, but I don’t think it will be easy with the current situation,” Kim said. “Honestly, I don’t have high expectations right now.”

However, Kim, who failed to make a breakthrough as the team was dragged 0-1 until the end of the second half, pulled out his Lingard card. Lingard, who stepped on the ground as substitute for Kim Kyung-min at 31st minute amid cheers from away fans in Seoul and jeers from Gwangju, played the ground with enthusiasm.

One minute into the substitution, Lingard left footed a ball that Ilyuchenko connected to in a fierce battle near the front of the penalty box, but it went up high. Lingard was active on the right side but failed to make any significant breakthrough in Gwangju’s dense defense. 퀸알바

He also received a yellow card for his first advance to the K-League through rough tackles in the second half of extra time. It was a violent tackle that could have led to his ejection. As players on the ground and coaching staff on benches got tangled for a while, tension in the cheering section increased.

Seoul lost 0-2. “We had 15 to 20 minutes until the end of the game, and we had to score a goal anyway,” Kim said when asked why he decided to play in Lingard after the match. “I am not physically fit yet, but when Lingard got a chance, I put him in based on the possibility of scoring a goal.” Kim said, “I am far from what I was in my heyday because I have not been with the team for a long time yet,” adding, “However, I think I have shown good performances several times. I will do my best.” Lingard left the stadium as requested by reporters in the mixed zone after the match.